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A passionate volunteer for 40 years, I've worked at board/senior management level for 25 and in the charity sector since 2003, including numerous chair and CEO roles.

I know from personal experience, just how difficult life is already, but worse may be coming.  I built the Charity Excellence Framework as a personal project, funded from my savings, to support you in meeting the huge challenges we face.


Charity Excellence Framework
Ian McLintock

'Ian Mclintock'

I've worked with many different charities, including various start-ups and turnarounds, but a previous career included creating successful platforms for very large organisations.  I hold an MSc (Corporate Management), and qualifications in finance (ACCA) and fundraising (IoF), and I've been a leadership coach and facilitator for many years. 

To help fund my project, I'm available for interim, consultancy, training workshops and facilitation.  If you're new in post, have a problem, or just want an organisational health check, I can carry one out at short notice, in a single day and, if need be, online, so it's inexpensive.  Full details of my background and experience are in my LinkedIn profile.  Contact me at or on 07595 371 444.  

'Ian has provided powerful support to the League's management team in a number of key areas.  His report clearly and skilfully set out key opportunities and challenges, and presented well thought-out and achievable recommendations'.  CEO, LACS


Charity Excellence Framework

We are plagued by scandals and subject to greater public scrutiny than ever before, but heavily regulated and staff hard pressed.  Demand continues to rise, but for most, income is flat and 20% of charities are already close to financial failure.  

The last recession simultaneously increased demand and drove down income.  The next may well be on the horizon and could have a devastating impact on the 200,000+ non-profits and the millions who rely on us; often the most vulnerable. 

We need to do more, do it better and do so urgently, but without additional resources. The CEF was built to enable you to respond to these challenges.     



Charity Excellence Framework

No-one knows your non-profit better than you, but nobody can be an expert in every area and everyone is hard pressed.  The CEF has been designed to be very easy to use, low workload and to work for any UK based non-profit. It enables you to assess every area of activity, to provide you with assurance, and enable you to identify opportunities and areas of weakness, before these become real problems.  It then links your results to relevant resources to help you develop solutions yourself; limiting your need for paid consultancy.       

'Questions enable us to think about our strategy from a different point of view.  The resources and additional links are very helpful to aid in changes to improve the strategy'.  Thomas Deacon Foundation

In particular, it enables you to address the key issue of financial sustainability by supporting you to increase income, reduce cost, maximise tax reliefs, and access pro bono support and free resources.  It also enables you to ensure people are kept safe from harm, using 50+ safety tests, including assessing issues, such as safeguarding, whistleblowing and harassment.  

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