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A low cost, friendly service for CIC and charity registration, including free advice and do it yourself guides on how to register with the Charity Commission, and the CIC Regulator. 

You get service from an expert, not a salesperson.  I make charity registration very easy for you, plus you have 7 day a week support, on every aspect of starting a charity, including fundraising, with access to an online resource base.   

Contact me for no obligation, free advice on 07595 371 444, or e mail me at for my infographic that gives you everything at a glance.

 “Ian’s guidance and support throughout the application process has been phenomenal. He has gone above and beyond his line of duty and is there to hold your hand and explain what the Charity Commissioners are looking for in setting up a charity. His experience is second to none, and his calm and helpful manner keeps you motivated and engaged. He made the process so simple and it wasn’t long before we received our registration". 

Sirwa Sabir, Founder, Hommie


Charity Excellence Framework

I was a founding director of a National Skills Academy and the Aylesbury Vale Community Trust (AVCT), and set-up and chaired the Finance and Governance Committees, respectively. 

I've now been chair of AVCT for a number of years, am also a founding trustee of  the Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting, a board mentor for the Small Charities Coalition and a charity adviser for the Foundation for Social Improvement.  I'm also the founder of the free Charity Excellence Framework online toolkit, which enables trustees and management to improve their impact, resources and performance in every area.  

I hold an MSc (Corporate Management), and professional qualifications in finance and accounting, and fundraising. 

Full details of my experience, endorsements and recommendations are in my LinkedIn profile.

I set up this charity registration service to help charities, with 100% of the income earned used to help fund the online toolkit.  

"Ian is supportive, innovative and always there for any help needed for the charity sector! I am grateful for his support and guidance."  

Lenna Lou, Mentee


Charity Excellence Framework

Charity Commission registration can appear very complicated.  E mail me at and I'll send you my infographic tool that shows you at a glance, the most common options and, for each, the advantages/disadvantages, what it's best for and what to watch out for.   

It has links to my online guide that lists all the options, with more advice on each, and also my do it yourself practical guides on Charity Commission and HMRC charity registration, plus guides to charity tax relief, Gift Aid and how to set up a free bank account. Each guide contains links to the guidance and documents you need to do everything yourself, at no cost. 

Or, call me on 07595 371 444 for a free advice call, with no sales pressure.  I'll help you to decide and, if it is to register your charity, whether it should be a charitable company, Charity Incorporated Organisation (CIO) or a charitable trust. 

To register your charity, I can make it very easy, by doing it for you, or I can provide advice and resources, if you do it yourselfI also help with CIC registration and charity registration with HMRC.   

‘Ian very kindly responded with extremely useful information on setting up a charity.  Ian’s help and guidance has made me even more enthused and I cannot thank him enough for his time and assistance. His breadth of knowledge is extensive and to share this with others is proof of his generosity’  Emmerson Wood, Founder


Charity Excellence Framework

I'm available 7 days a week, to provide support on all aspects of making your charity a success, including fundraising. 

Unlike other providers, I don't simply submit your charity registration, then invoice you.  Because the Charity Commission almost always responds with further queries, I support you all the way through until you register as a charity.  All you do is complete 5 easy-to-use templates, in your own words.  If you prefer, this can be done by phone, or video link.

I'm also the only provider that offers support in every area, including policies for your Charity Commission registration, support for your HMRC registration to claim Gift Aid and access to an online resource base of policies, tools and guides, including how to fundraise successfully; at no additional cost - find out more here.    

Contact me for advice, without any sales pressure, on 07595 371 444, or

"The service you provide is beyond any cost. You are helping people to make their vision a reality". Priyesh Katariya, Founder     


Charity Excellence Framework

I understand how limited funding is, and working from home, my overheads are low, so I set my fees to provide a low cost friendly service. 

To register any charity with the Charity Commission it’s £599, inclusive of all costs and resources. 

Apart from a £100 non-refundable deposit, you pay nothing until this process is complete. 

To also register a charitable company with Companies House, it's £50, plus the £12 filing fee.

To register a CIC social enterprise it's £149, plus the £27 filing fee. 

 HMRC charity registration is £149.

Using my online guides you can do all of the above yourself at no cost, except the Companies House fees.

If you want to do it yourself, but want some expert help and any policies you might need, see below.

'Thank you Ian: we really couldn't have done it without you!'  Phoebe Jervis, Founder, Suicide & Co  


Charity Excellence Framework

If you are in the process of your CIC or charity registration application, I can provide additional support at £80 an hour, or consultancy support at £500 per day. 

Policies, funding, fundraising tools or other resources are provided at no additional cost.

Reviewing your application before submission, or drafting your response to the often lengthy Charity Commission follow-up queries usually takes a couple of hours. 

'The advice Ian gave me on our initial call was worth its weight in gold. Not only for suggestions on how to minimise our tax bills, but also on avenues of generating additional income that I hadn't been aware of. He went above and beyond what was required and made a frustrating start up smooth and easy. I cannot recommend his services enough.'  Queenie Kristensen, Founder

The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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