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Consultancy, facilitation & board evaluation

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I've worked at charity board/executive level for 25 years, including numerous chair and CEO roles, start-ups and turnarounds, and am an experienced facilitator and leadership coach.

I provide charity registration services, trustee support and governance evaluation, consultancy, facilitation and training, that's built around your needs, pragmatic and very cost effective. The income generated helps fund the free Charity Excellence Framework.

'Ian has provided powerful support to the League's management team in a number of key areas.  His report clearly and skilfully set out key opportunities and challenges, and presented well thought-out and achievable recommendations'.  CEO, LACS


Charity Excellence Framework
Ian McLintock

'Ian Mclintock'

I've been involved in the sector for 40 years and worked with dozens of charities, often during times of change.  I have broad based experience, with particular expertise in governance, strategy, addressing financial challenges and rebuilding organisational systems. 

I've been a Windsor Leadership facilitator since 2011 and was a founding member of the Chairs and Facilitators Executive.  I've supported Teach First's leadership coaching since 2006, am a board mentor and FSI advisor.  I hold an MSc (Corporate Management), and professional qualifications in finance (ACCA) and fundraising (IoF). 

Full details of my experience, endorsements and recommendations are in my LinkedIn profile.and, if you'd like to know more about me and what I do, listen to this podcast commissioned by Humentum.  Contact me for a no obligation chat or advice on 07595 371 444, or e mail me at  

"Ian is supportive, innovative and always there for any help needed for the charity sector!  I am grateful for his support and guidance."

Lenna Lou, Mentee 


Charity Excellence Framework

I've held various charity chair and CEO roles, and not only run charities over many years, but also founded them, so you get a depth of experience and personal support that you won't get from an online provider.  I make less profit than most and my overheads are low, so I'm also the least expensive; register a charity £499, HMRC £199, or both £599. 

There are a range of registration options and, which would be best for you, depends on what you plan to do.  But there are other options too and, often, registering is neither the best, nor cheapest.  Call me on 07595 371 444 for a free chat and I'll help you decide which would be best for you.  Or, e mail me at and I'll send you my guide.  This includes step-by-step instructions, that will enable you to register your charity yourself, with links to all the guidance and forms you'd need. 

If you wish me to register for you, I'll send you easy to complete templates to collect the information needed, then draft and submit your application. I'll guide you through the whole process of setting up your charity and also provide you with guides on issues, such as opening a charity bank account, insurance and fundraising.       

‘Ian very kindly responded with extremely useful information on setting up a charity.  Ian’s help and guidance has made me even more enthused and I cannot thank him enough for his time and assistance. His breadth of knowledge is extensive and to share this with others is proof of his generosity’  Emmerson Wood, Founder



Charity Excellence Framework

I'm both a chair and trustee myself, with 25 years of charity board experience, including various chair roles and board mentoring.  I provide governance support and training, including trustee self-assessment and board evaluation. My daily fee rate is £500.   

The balance of nitty-gritty charity governance issues, anecdotal evidence and opportunity to explore current issues meant that every Trustee found the training session valuable, regardless of their level of experience. Not only that, but the warmth, humour and insight with which it was delivered meant that the session flew by (not something I would say about every governance training session I have attended!). Alix Lewer, Drector Include

The Charity Governance Code recommends an external evaluation every 3 years.  Using my online toolkit and board self-assessment, I evaluate your board, not only in-depth, but also more quickly than a traditional consultant, so it costs you a lot less. And, with my online resource base, you're provided with any tools, policies and resources you'll need, at no additional cost.  I can provide this service either face-to-face, or online.   

"This questionnaire gives greater insight into all aspects of governance surrounding our charity -

highlighting strong and weaker points where work is required"

Transforming Autism Project  


Charity Excellence Framework

Fast and highly cost effective, it provides you with assurance everything is working well and identifies opportunities to improve performance.  The health check brings together the speed of using digital technology, with my 25 years of senior management/board experience.  Using the CEF digital tools, I carry out an in-depth assessment of each area, either face-to-face, or online.  I provide a verbal debrief, links to tools/resources and a completed CEF framework for you to monitor your progress.  This normally takes 2 days.  Additionally, the health check will qualify you for the CEF Quality Mark.  

The 8 areas assessed are strategy, governance, people, finance & resources, income generation, risk, communications and operations. The assessment includes issues, such as maximising impact, legal & compliance, sustainability, the efficient use of resources and the extent to which people are kept safe from harm.    




Charity Excellence Framework

From substantive pieces of work, to quick turnarounds, and facilitation of meetings to training workshops, in subjects such as strategy, risk and governance. 

The CEF knowledge base has 3000+ resource links and its own resource base of 100 tools, including many that are unique. This enables me to develop solutions quickly and at low cost to you.

These tools have been designed with usability in mind, so I'm equally happy to help you to identify your needs, then provide the tools to allow you to develop your own solutions.     


The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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