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Free guides, support, help and resources for charities. These are just some of the CEF resources, but it also has 1000s of links to other free help, resources and toolkits for the charity sector.
‘The additional resources have turned out to be invaluable’. National Animal Welfare Trust Berkshire

Charity Excellence Lists Of Grant Making Charitable Trusts & Foundations And Free Funding Finders

Posted 8/12/2020

There are some 10,000 UK grant making charitable trusts and foundations and, whilst there are search databases and consultants available, these can be expensive. Charity Excellence gives you everything you need and everything is completely free. There's the COVID19 funder database and, within the Income questionnaire, there are 25+ downloads of funder lists, 20+ funder research lists and 3 downloads of 100+ free funding finders. These resources are being continuously added to and updated.

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Charity Funders - New Grant Making Trusts & Foundations 2020

Posted 8/1/2020

Charity Funders - New UK charity funders & grant making trusts & foundations list; Jan - end Jun 2020. For the 236 newly registered grant makers England & Wales in July and August 2020, download these from the Income questionnaire. These are 2 of the 50 funder lists in the income questionnaire. Everything is free.

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Charity grant funding list for core cost funding, unrestricted grants, salaries and running costs

Posted 8/19/2020

UK Charity grant funding list for core cost funding, unrestricted grants, salaries and running costs. Register/Login to access the full list of 60+, plus 50 more funding lists and 100+ funding finders; everything is free. Download from the income questionnaire.

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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