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A selection of fundraising, governance, strategy and other guides, support, help and resources for charities from the huge Charity Excellence resource base. Click a button below for a theme, or the Resource Hub Index button for the full list.
‘The additional resources have turned out to be invaluable’. National Animal Welfare Trust Berkshire

Resource Hub Index - Free Help, Advice And Support For Charities

Posted 10/13/2020

An index of the Charity Excellence Framework website resources, help, advice and support for charities, but this is just a fraction of what's available on the system; everything is free. It has the largest resource base in the charity sector, including its 7 charity toolkits, Funding Finder database and 50 funder lists.

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Charity Toolkit 1: Strategy - SWOT And PESTLE Analysis For Non Profit Fundraising And Business Planning

Posted 7/27/2020

Charity strategic planning toolkit - SWOT and PESTLE analysis for your non profit fundraising and business plan.

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Charity Toolkit 2: Fundraising Strategy Planning And Assessment, And Techniques To Use

Posted 7/28/2020

A charity fundraising strategy toolkit, with a simple 4 stage process to assess, plan it and the techniques to use. This is Charity Recovery Toolkit 2 of 7.

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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