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A selection of fundraising, governance, strategy and other guides, support, help and resources for charities from the huge Charity Excellence resource base. Click a button below for a theme, or the Resource Hub Index button for the full list.
‘The additional resources have turned out to be invaluable’. National Animal Welfare Trust Berkshire

Resource Hub Index - Free Help, Advice And Support For Charities

Posted 10/13/2020

An index of the Charity Excellence Framework website resources, help, advice and support for charities, but this is just a fraction of what's available on the system; everything is free. It has the largest resource base in the charity sector, including its 7 crisis recovery toolkits, Funding Finder database and 50 funder lists.

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Why and How to Engage a Charity Fundraising Freelancer, Bid Writer or Consultant

Posted 7/29/2020

Using a fundraising freelancer is a very good way for even the smallest charity to access specialist expertise, or bring in additional capacity, quickly and at low cost. However, fundraisers are in huge demand and sourcing them via agencies can be very expensive. This volunteer run initiative from Charity Excellence gives you access to a pool of freelancers, with detailed information on each, in a standard format that lets you compare and find the best person for your charity quickly and easily - and it's completely free.

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Charity Commission Trustee Duties & Responsibilities – 20 Ways To Be A Good Charity Trustee

Posted 7/27/2020

The Charity Commission guidance, the Essential Trustee summarises charity trustee responsibiities, duties and powers, but there's a lot more to being a good charity trustee than that. I put nearly 30 years of being a trustee, chair and board mentor into developing the free Charity Excellence Framework online toolkit. As part of that, here is a guide to 20 things which (in my experience) really good charity trustees do.

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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