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Charity trust & foundation grant funding lists and fundraising, trustee governance, strategy and other guides, plus the Charity & Start Up toolboxes, from the huge Charity Excellence resource base.
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Charity Commission Trustee Role - A Simple Guide To Essential Governance Duties, Responsibilities & Rules, And How To Increase Board Engagement

Posted 7/29/2020

A guide for charity trustees and chairs. A simple explanation of the essential Charity Commission guidance on trustee duties, role and responsibilities. Your chairman and trustee board ultimately make all the key decisions, but may not be around very often, so this guide also includes how to increase trustee board engagement and participation.

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How To Tackle The Lack Of Charity Trustee Board Diversity

Posted 7/30/2020

We faces huge challenges and need to appoint the best amongst us to lead. To do that, we need to recruit from the biggest possible pool of trustee candidates - the whole community. As a sector, we don't, but how can any charity board claim to represent its community, if it isn't representative of it? This practical guide explains what the issues are and how to address these.

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12 Ideas To Improve Your Personal Well Being, Develop Resilience And Be Healthier And Happier

Posted 7/27/2020

All charity staff and volunteers, can find it tough. Use this checklist to set a monthly reminder on your device, with a link to this blog. Try a new one each month, keep doing the activities that work for you and, if any don't, you'll get a new one next month. You'll improve your personal well being, develop resilience and help you to be healthier and happier.

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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