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Free guides, support, help and resources for charities. These are just some of the CEF resources, but it also has 1000s of links to other free help, resources and toolkits for the charity sector.
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Developing Resilience - 12 Ways To Be More Effective & Happier

Posted 7/27/2020

All charity people, staff and volunteers, can find it tough. Use this checklist to set a monthly reminder on your device, with a link to this blog. Try a new one each month, keep doing the ones that work for you and, if any don't, you'll get a new one next month. You'll become more resilient and effective at work, and healthier and happier too.

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Micro-Volunteering - What It Is & How To Do It Well

Posted 7/30/2020

Making the time is one of the biggest barriers to volunteering. Micro-volunteering offers volunteers the opportunity to under-take bite size activities, often from home, or online, in a way that also works for the cause they support. It can be an excellent opportunity to recruit and manage volunteers, including for fundraising and digital.

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During the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan, UK Muslim giving reached £150m in donations to charities, as zakat.

Posted 3/17/2021

Charity is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and, during the Holy month of Ramadan in 2020, UK Muslim giving to charities exceeded £150m+ in donations, as zakat and in other ways. They don't get the recognition they deserve for their charity work and fundraisers are missing out on an opportunity. This year Ramadan begins on 12 April and will end on 12 May.

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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