This Charity Excellence Blog page includes some of the resources that have been created for good governance, charity management, communications, people, finance & funding.

The system has the largest resource base in the sector, including not only CEF resources, but links to 100s of other organisation producing resources and toolkits for the charity sector.

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How To Register A Charity With HMRC To Claim Charitable Status

Posted 8/2/2020

There are a wide range of HMRC charitable tax reliefs, but you have to register your charity with HMRC to claim charitable status. This guide gives you practical step-by-step instructions on HMRC charity registration, so you can claim everything you're entitled to. I am neither a lawyer, nor accountant, so this is a layman's guide, not professional advice.

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UK Grants and Sources Of Funding For Churches - Capital, Construction, Repairs & Restoration

Posted 8/17/2020

Grants and sources of funding for churches - capital, construction, repairs and restoration. To downoad the much larger full list, with more detail on each grant maker, download the pdf from the Income Questionnaire. One of 50 funder lists in the income questionnaire. Everything is free.

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Charity Grant Funding List - International Animal Welfare Trusts and Foundations

Posted 8/17/2020

Charity Grant Funding List - trusts and foundations that make grants for international animal welfare and wildlife charities. Download the full list, with more detail, and the UK animal charities funder list from the Income Questionnaire. Two of 50 funder lists in the CEF. Everything is free.

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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