20+ Ideas To Engage Your Trustees In Fundraising, Including Their Charity Commission CC20 Role, Duties, Law And Regulation

Many charity trustees find fundraising a challenge and others are simply not able to make a significant financial donation. However, there are lots of opportunities for them to support your work, many that are easy and anyone can do. They need also to be aware of their Charity Commission CC20 role, duties and responsibilities for fundraising law and regulation.

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Charity Commission CC20 - Trustee Fundraising Role, Duties, Responsibilities

Charity trustees may think fundraising isn't their responsibility, but Charity Commission guidance (CC20) makes clear that it is. It lays out 6 key principles.   

  1. Planning effectively.
  2. Supervising your fundraisers.
  3. Protecting your charity’s reputation, money and other assets.
  4. Identifying and ensuring compliance with the laws or regulations that apply specifically to your charity’s fundraising.
  5. Identifying and following any recognised standards that apply to your charity’s fundraising.
  6. Being open and accountable.

Fundraising Law & Regulation

Charity trustees must also comply with the Fundraising Regulator's code of practice, and HMRC, the ICO and others also issue guidance on the law and regulations. It is not trustees' responsibility to do all this themselves, but it is their responsibility to ensure that it is done.  

Ways For Trustees To Make Donations

  • If you're one of those great people who can and wishes to make either a substantial one-off or ongoing gift, that's fantastic, but, if not;
  • Almost anyone can make a small regular donation, or buy a raffle ticket.
  • Or consider leaving a gift in your will and be willing to share that, to encourage others to do so as well.

Use Your Trustee Networks

  • Discuss with the fundraisers who in your own network might be engaged and help arrange an introduction or invite them to visit. Review prospect/donor lists with your fundraisers.
  • For companies, it could be access to a staff volunteer programme, or charity of the year, or payroll giving. 
  • Represent your charity, or even speak at external events, or;
    • Secure a speaking opportunity for your charity’s staff.
  • Promote your charity’s work via your own networks, such as articles in newsletters, or:
    • Forward campaign e mails/newsletters to individuals in your own network.

Easy Social Media Ideas

  • Connect with your charity on social media, and like and share its posts.
  • Recruit social media champions to connect with your charity and promote it into new networks of potential supporters.
  • Appear in a short social media video clip, saying why you volunteer and describing the fantastic impact your charity has.
  • Or, better still, get someone well known in your network to do so, or provide a quote you can use.

Simple Ideas For Trustees To Get Hands On In Fundraising

  • Host a 'friendraiser' and invite your charity along to talk about your work.
  • Do something good for yourself and your charity, at the same time.
    • The marathon you’ve always wanted to run, or a fun run, or lose weight, or give up smoking.
  • Contact local shops/businesses and ask them to display a collection tin, or make a raffle donation, or auction prize, or sponsorship.
  • Attend external meetings, where your presence may support the staff team.  
  • Write thank you letters or make calls to donors.
    • Or sign Christmas cards to key funders and stakeholders.
  • Don't just turn up, but rather, actively engage with guests and promote your work at events.
    • Better still, invite friends/colleagues to come along as well. 
  • Sell tickets/ or source auction items/raffle prizes.
    • Get inventive, by seeing who can source the best 'money can't buy' prize.
  • Get some exercise by distributing posters/leaflets in your local community.

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