Charity Fundraising Events - Covid Safety Guidance & Ideas

If you're worried about your charity fundraising events, here are the Government Covid events guidelines and also ideas to help keep everyone as safe as possible and to maintain their confidence in attending.

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Government Covid Guidance - Events & Attractions

Here is the guidance for working safely at events and attractions.  At the beginning are the new wider safety measures that have been put in place.  Be aware that Covid safety measures vary from UK country to country and may also change at short notice.  

This is the official events guidance that you must comply with.  It includes 6 priority actions:

  1. Complete a health and safety risk assessment that includes risks from COVID-19.
  2. Provide adequate ventilation.
  3. Clean more often.
  4. Turn away people with COVID-19 symptoms. 
  5. Enable people to check in at your venue.
  6. Communicate and train.

Charity Fundraising Events - Safety Ideas

The ideas below are based on research of what various organisations are doing to mitigate Covid.  However, these are just a list of ideas to help improve safety, not a compliance checklist, and the requirements may change at short notice and vary according to the type of event.  Consequently, the Government guidance above must be used.

  1. Minimise unnecessary contact.  For example, by using online booking and pre-payment, and encouraging contactless payments wherever possible.
  2. Covid is much less transmissible outdoors so, if feasible, have people queue externally to the building and/or extend the event onto a patio with heaters, or similar, which will also help reduce the density of people in the building.
  3. Look for any bottlenecks in people moving through the building and, if possible, move any furniture/equipment to widen that point to avoid people being forced close together.  If feasible, separate entry and exit points may help.
  4. Inside, improve the ventilation if possible.  Maybe, turn the heating up and open more windows.
  5. Consider staggered entry time tickets, or a waiting system whereby visitors receive a number upon entry and when their number is called.
  6. Hand sanitisers to be freely available and well signposted and/or have a bottle on each table.
  7. Those running the event to wear masks and, if feasible, to take lateral flow tests just before the event.
  8. Consider health checking people on entry by asking if they have any Covid symptoms and, potentially, using a digital thermometer to check for elevated temperatures.
  9. Collecting contact details will help to support NHS Test and Trace to reduce the spread of the virus. You could invite people to check in by providing an NHS QR code poster.  If you display an NHS QR code, you should also have a system to collect (and securely store) names and contact details for those who ask to check in but do not have the app. Read more about NHS QR codes.
  10. You could consider having plastic screens or similar between tables etc.
  11. Develop hygiene procedures between guests.  Frequently clean and disinfect surfaces between guests, focusing on surfaces that are touched regularly. This may include; door handles, queue barrier, grotto furniture and props.
  12. Ensure there is clear guidance on the use and cleaning of any toilet facilities, and you may wish to include signage to encourage people to follow the guidance on handwashing from the NHS.
  13. Face masks at an event may seem strange to young children. Why not hand out a competition to design a face mask? Entries could be emailed in at a later date, or alternatively you could include a small pencil pack with each gift to enter on the day.
  14. Consider widening purely physical events into being hybrid events, or alternatrively virtual events.   

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