Free Funding Finder Database and 50+ Lists Of Grant Making Charitable Trusts & Foundations For Charities, Non Profits & Community Groups

Funding Finder isn't just a funder database, but one that also finds 100s of other free funding databases and online grant funder lists for charities and community groups giving you access to a huge range of funders. Plus 50+ funder lists of grant making charitable trusts and foundations. Everything is free.

Free Funding Finder Database

There are a number of grant funding databases and directories, for trusts and foundations, but most paid for, with annual costs of up to £400.  Funding Finder is not only completely free, it's a lot more than just another funder database. 

  • It links you to 400+ other less well known free funding databases and online funder lists, enabling you to:
    • Click through to more funders than any other database and;
    • Making finding the right funders quicker and easier by finding online funder lists, where someone has already done the hard work for you.
  • It's the only UK database that searches globally, so you can search for funding in areas, such as the US and Europe, with links to some very large free databases. 
  • It's updated weekly, with the latest funding opportunities displayed using its 'Recent Additions' search catgeory.
  • Its small charities and community groups search category makes finding suitable funders easier for small organisations and those just starting out.
  • It's core funders search category finds grant makers that fund core costs, including many less well known and niche grant makers; there are 150+. 
  • The databse is augmented with 50+ downloadable funder lists; see below.
  • If you're a non-profit that supports others, or a grant maker, you can quickly and easily install Funding Finder on your own website for free; see below 

Register now to access it and to assess your fundraising in 30 mins, to find opportunities to achieve more, with access to the huge CEF resource base. Everything is completely free. 

30+ Charity Grant Funding Lists - Trusts & Foundations

Access the charitable trust & foundation grant funder lists from the income questionnaire statement on finding new funders.  It has FUNDER LISTS in the text, so you can't miss it. 

These lists are more focussed and have more detail than the Funder Research lists below; the number of funders in each is listed below.  Click on any funder's name to be taken to their website, to find out more and apply. 

Animals - 40+

LGBTQI+ - 20+

Armed Forces - 30+

Mental Health & Wellbeing - 50+

Capital (Buildings & Equipment) - 130+

Music & Musicians - 100+

Companies - 230+

Older People - 50+

Core (Running) Costs - 80+

Small Charities - 70

Crisis & Growth - 30

Social Enterprises - 120 

Disability - 130

Social Welfare - 130+

Education - 90+ 

Sport & Leisure - 60

Environment & Horticulture - 110+

Start-ups & New Ideas - 30+

Feasibility Studies - 9

Supermarkets - 20+

Less popular Causes (including BAME) - 90+

Unregistered Charities - 60+

Heritage & Churches - 180 Vehicles - 11
Health - 80+ Women & Girls - 80+
Hospices - 30+ Young People - 130 
Help and Funding for IT and Tech - 30+ Young People - Music 30+

Individuals & Families - 50+



24 Charity Grant Funding Research Lists

It's better to start with the funder lists above, as Funder Research Lists contain less detail, but they do have substantially more grant makers.           

Accommodation & Housing - 200

Africa - 500

Africa (East) - 400

Animals - England & Wales - 240

Animals (International)

Arts, Culture, Heritage & Science - 440

Armed Forces - 100

Disability - 900

Economic & Community Development - 300

Education & Training - 1100

Environment, Conservation & Heritage - 400

Health & The Saving Of Lives - 800

Human Rights & Equality - 180

London - 220

Overseas Aid & Famine Relief - 900

Older People - 800

People of a Particular Ethnic Origin - 380

Recreation - 80

Relief Of Poverty - 800

Religious Activities - 520

Research Sponsors - 560

South East Asia - 370

Sport - 200

Young People - 1100

In light of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, a research funder list for this has been created.  

New Charity Grant Making Trusts & Foundation 2021

200 new grant making charities that registered with the Charity Commission Jan to Jun 2021.  You can find 30+ here, or download the full list from the income questionnaire. 

There are also lists for Scotland and Northern Ireland

General Charitable Purposes Grant List - 2900+

Trusts and foundations that make grants for General Charitable Purposes, have no specific criteria for funding, so any charity can apply to them.  This list includes the UK location of each grant funder and, as with other research lists, details of their activities, website, e mail and phone number.

It can be used by small charities to find local general funders they may be unaware of and larger ones to create a mailing list of cold bids.

Download it from the income questionnaire statement on identifying and engaging new funders. It has FUNDER LISTS typed in the text of the statement, so you can't miss it.

A Free Fundraising Database On Your Website?

Charity Excellence runs on a community collaboration basis.  Here’s how it works with Funding Finder.  It not only has funders, it connects you to 100s of other funding databases and online funder lists. Anyone that can’t afford their own database can have a free one, those that do, have even more users driven to theirs and those using Funding Finder find the maximum number of funders.  Everything is free and everyone benefits, but it may not be used for trading/commercial purposes.  Commercial companies may be considered, but would be expected to make some contribution to running costs.   

To have your very own free funding database on your website, just ask your web team to add the following buttons to you site, linked to the URLs below:

Register -

Login -

To make it even easier, here is some wording you can amend to suit your needs.

The free Charity Excellence Framework online toolkit, enables any non-profit to health check every area of activity in under half a day, with its own Quality Mark and the largest resource base in the sector, including 100s of organisations that provide free goods and services.  Its Funding Finder database gives you click through to a huge range of funders, with the latest uploaded weekly into the Recent Additions search category.  Everything is free.

If you want a logo to go with that, e mail me at

The legal bits - there are no set-up, ongoing or any other costs for either you or those who use it.  However, it may not be used for any commercial purposes and I reserve the right to withdraw approval to use, in the event that an organisation falls below what I consider to be the standards expected of a well-run not for profit.

Here's How To Secure Even More Charity Funding

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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