Charity Excellence Funding Finder Databse and Lists Of Grant Making Charitable Trusts & Foundations

There are lots of paid for trust and grant databases, but why pay when you can get it completely free? The CEF Funding Finder database has the latest Covid fundres, 100 core funder and links to 200 free funding databases and curated funder lists, giving you click through to a huge range of funders. Plus 27 trust funder lists and 23 funder research lists. Download the lists via the Income Questionnaire, from the finding new funders statement. You can't miss it, "FUNDING FINDERS" has been inserted into the text.

Funding Funder Database

The database is the only comprehensive source of emergency funders available, plus it has 100 core funders and links to 200 other free funding databases and curated funder lists, enabling you to click through to a huge range of funders, both in the UK and globally. 

It's updated weeekly, on Monday.  Login each week to find the latest funding opportunities by using the 'Recnet additions' search catgeory.

You need to watch the video first (3 mins), or you won’t find all the funders you could.

27 Funding Lists

The lowest performing of the 21 areas in the Charity Sector Data Store is income generation.  Health check yours in 30 mins and access the 50 funder lists and COVID funder database by Registering Now; everything is free.  Access all 50 funder lists from the income questionnaire statement on finding new funders.  It has FUNDER LISTS in the text, so you can't miss it. 

These lists are more focussed and have more detail than the Funder Research lists below, but have fewer funders; the number of funders in each is listed below.  Click on any funder's name to be taken to their website. 

Animals - 40+

Individuals & Families - 50+

Armed Forces - 30+

LGBTQI+ - 20+

Capital (Buildings & Equipment) - 110+

Music & Musicians - 100+

Companies - 220+

Older People - 50+

Core (Running) Costs - 80+

Small Charities - 70

Crisis & Growth - 30

Social Enterprises - 120 

Disability - 90+

Social Welfare - 130+

Education - 90+ 

Sport & Leisure - 60

Environment & Horticulture - 110+

Start-ups & New Ideas - 30+

Hard To Fund Causes (including BAME) - 70+

Supermarkets - 20+

Heritage & Churches - 180

Unregistered Charities - 60+

Health - 80+

Women & Girls - 80+

Hospices - 30+

Young People - 130 

Help and Funding for IT and Tech - 30+  


700+ New Registered Grant Making Charities 2020

In the 1st half of 2020, I created lists of new grant making charities, extracted from the 3 charity regulator's databases and put these online - England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

A consolidated list of all 3, for the full year, has been uploaded into the income questionnaire; 700+. 

23 Funder Research Lists

Funder Research Lists contain less detail than the funder lists, but substantially more funders. The average number of funders on each is 250. 

On a weekly basis, starting on 18 January, I'll be uploading a new list each week.  First the 5 new lists (in italcis below), followed by improved versions of the existing ones.     

Accommodation & Housing


East Africa (not yet available)

Animals - England & Wales (not yet available) 

Animals (International)

Arts, Culture, Heritage & Science

Armed Forces  (not yet available)


Economic & Community Development

Education & Training

Environment & Conservation

Health & The Saving Of Lives

Human Rights & Equality

London (not yet available)  People of a particular ethnic origin (not yet available)

Overseas Aid & Famine Relief

Older People



Relief Of Poverty

Religious Activities

South East Asia


Young People

Here's How To Access Everything

If you want to have a look at some of the funder lists themselves, click here.  Or join our community to access the full lists and all the other funding lists, plus these are just a few of the CEF resources.  It also has 1000s of links to other free help, resources and toolkits for charities.  Register here - everything is free.

The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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