Funding List - Trust And Foundation Grants For Animals And Wildlife Conservation

Grants from trusts and foundations for animals and wildlife conservation, including animal welfare, rescue and rehoming, dogs and equines. The image is Dinger (Head Of Digital) and Mini Ding (Fundraising Executive), the Charity Excellence rescue bunnies.

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General Grant Funding For Animals

Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust

Animal welfare charities for projects or activities in the UK that benefit and protect animals, relieve the suffering of animals, address the conservation of wildlife or encourage a greater understanding of animals.

Lush Charity Pot -

Small volunteer-run grassroots organisations, and particularly campaign groups, working in environment, animal protection and human rights in the UK and overseas with priority for less popular causes that aim to create long-term change and struggle to find funding.

Whitely Animal Protection Trust - Charities

Core Funding - most grants up to £25k. Will consider essential core funding to smaller charities finding it hard to maintain their activities. Annual expenditure £300k.

Sylvia Waddilove Foundation

UK Covid Core Funding - fund has re-opened. Small to medium organisations struggling to manage the financial impact of COVID; education relating to non-domestic animals; visual and performing arts; medical research; the relief of disability or severe illness; the accommodation of those in need. Up to £1000. No deadline. 

Pet Plan Charitable Trust

Causes both in the UK and abroad; everything from non-invasive research into new life-saving treatments for animals, to donations for animal rehoming charities.

Animal Friends Insurance Services

Commercial company, but makes grants. Very little detail, so not sure how much they actually fund. 

G C Gibson Charitable Trust

Core Funding – UK registered charities. Core funding, but consideration is also given to capital or special projects. Funds wide range of activities, including animals, older and young people, the environment, health, disability, faith, sport, veterans, education and human rights, and general charitable purposes. Spend £680k pa.

Grant Funding For Animal Welfare

Marchig Animal Welfare Trust

Projects worldwide in the field of animal welfare. To protect animals and to promote and encourage practical work in preventing animal cruelty and the relief of animal suffering. Will fund buildings, equipment and vehicles.

Marsh Christian Trust

Core Funding - social welfare, arts and heritage, environmental causes and animal welfare, healthcare, education and training. Max value £2k, long-term core funding for small registered charities.

Mrs D M France-Hayhurst Animal Foundation

Registered charities in animal welfare, or that further educational projects through interaction with animals; usually up to £5k. Will fund capital expenditure. Apr 21.

Stuart Halbert Foundation

Applications from any geographical area within the UK and overseas. Priorities - People, Animal welfare, Armed Forces and the Local community (defined as Tynedale Valley and beyond - Northumberland). 

Wildlife And Conservation Grants

H D Wills

Registered general charities, which are small enough in size or are applying for support for a modest project such that the charity will benefit substantially from a donation of between £250 and £500. We also make grants to charities, which focus on the conservation of wildlife and the environment which are typically between £1,000 to £2,000.

People's Trust for Endangered Species

UK Mammals Grant - for work that relates to the conservation of mammals in the UK, including scientific research, practical habitat management work, reintroduction and monitoring programmes and educational projects.

Whitely Wildlife Protection Trust - Individuals

Grants to individuals undertaking nature conservation projects. Projects may involve practical habitat or species management, research, training, education, awareness raising or campaigning. Both UK and overseas projects. Grants typically range in value from £500 to £1,500. 

Wiggly Wigglers

Small wildlife charity or wildlife volunteer group that is genuinely struggling due to Covid 19. Up to £200.

Grants For Animal Rescue And Rehoming

Animal Rescue Foundation

Grants to small UK animal charities, with an immediate need for assistance.

Support Adoption for Pets 

Funding to organisations whose main activity is the rescue and rehoming of UK pets. Vet bills, Boarding costs, Food, Salaries of animal care staff, Utilities and consumables. From £250 to £5000.

Grant Funding For Horses And Other Equines

Elise Pilkington Trust

Charities supporting older people, or from hospices that are able to show they provide equitable care to older people. Also makes equine grants.

Horse Trust

Ethically approved non-invasive research of the highest scientific standard that advances our knowledge of veterinary treatment, the optimal care of horses and the prevention of disease and suffering.

Funding Grants For Dogs

Kennel Club Charitable Trust

A wide range of endeavours which give dogs healthier, happier lives, by supporting research into canine diseases, funding dog welfare organisations and the promotion of support dogs. 

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