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An index of the Charity Excellence Framework website resources, help, advice and support for charities, but this is just a fraction of what's available on the system; everything is free. It has the largest resource base in the charity sector, including its 7 crisis recovery toolkits, Funding Finder database and 50 funder lists.

Everything You Need & Everything Is Free

Here are the resources on the website Resource Hub, but these are just a fraction of what's on the CEF.  Use the CEF toolkit to health check any aspect of your charity in 30 mins, with access to the largest resource base in the sector, including its Funding Finder database and 50 funding lists by Registering Now; everything is free.

Charity COVID19 Toolbox

Ther are 7 toolkits in the toolbox, designed specifically to support charities in addressing the challenges we face.  The full toolkits, in toolkit format and with additional tools, can be downloaded as documents from within the CEF itself. 

Toolkit 1 - How To Create Your Strategy To Survive And Thrive

Toolkit 2 - How To Create Your Fundraising Strategy For Recovery

Toolkit 3 - How To Create Your Financial Sustainability Plan

Toolkit 4 - How To Create Your Financial Sustainability Plan (Small Charities)

Toolkit 5- How To Save Money Without Cost Cutting

Toolkit 6 - How To Manage Cash In A Crisis

Toolkit 7 - How To Forecast Your Income

Funding Lists

In addition to its Funding Finder database, with its 120+ core funders and 300+ links to other free funding finders, the system includes 50 funder lists.  Download the full lists from the income questionnaire.  

Charity Excellence – Index Of All 50 Funding Lists

Funding List - Core Cost Funders

Funding List - Overseas Aid & Famine Relief

Charity IT Tech For Good - Funding, Grants, Recycling and Free Support

Funding List – Churches & Faith Organisations

Funding List - International Animal Welfare

Funding List – India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Funding List – Arts, Culture, Heritage & Science

Funding List - New Grant Making Trusts England & Wales

Funding List - New Charity Grant Making Trusts Scotland

Funding List - New Charitable Grant Makers Northern Ireland


Links to a whole range of impact webinars, toolkits, guides, networks and volunteers, click here.  Or click the Maximising Impact score on your dashboard and the system will analyse your results  to identify opportunities for you to achieve even more and link you to a huge number of impact resources. 

Free Goods & Services

Why pay, when you can get it for free?  Links to a wide range of organisations that provide free goods and services to charities.  From pro bono consultancy, mentoring, legal and HR to free software, meeting rooms/property, fundraising & marketing and media & PR. 

That's just a few.  The CEF has links to 200+ organisations. These are displayed in the Help section of each assessment statement, or run a report, or use the query system.

How To Set-Up A Charity Or CIC

Thinking of registering your non-profit, but unable to find what you need.  Try these online guides, infographic and videos that give you everything you need to decide the best option for you and to register your non-profit yourself, at no cost.

Or use these, if you know what you want to do:

How To Register A Charity Yourself
How To Register A Community Interest Company (CIC) Yourself
How To Register With HMRC
The Different Types Of Gift Aid And How To Claim These
How To Open A Charity Bank Account And Which Are Best


To access these resources, click the Strategy button on the Resources page.  For How To Do A SWOT Analysis Really Well, watch this video (3 mins).  

Toolkit 1: Charity Sector Outlook 2021 - How To Create Your Recovery Strategy

Toolkit 2 - How To Create Your Fundraising Recovery Strategy

How To Create Vision & Mission Statements (Quickly and without arguing) 

Strategy For People Who Don't Have The Time To Do Strategy

How To Make Strategy Effective


Charity & Management Terms

Fed up of people using terms you (and maybe they) don't understand?  This list explains the most common ones in simple plain English. For a much larger list, use the CEF in-system support by clicking the Charity Terms button (top left of your screen), once logged in. 

Other Resources

To find these click PeopleCommunications, or Management.

Developing Resilience - 12 Ways To Be More Effective & Happier

Micro-Volunteering - What It Is & How To Do It Well

How Many UK Charities Are There?  The numbers, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

50+ Charity Social Media Networking Groups

Don't Miss Out!

These are just a few of the CEF resources and it also has 1000s of links to other free help, resources and toolkits for charities.  Register here - everything is free.

The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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