Survive and Thrive 2021 - a major upgrade to provide the free tools, help and support charities need to manage the charity crisis

Survive & Thrive gives you the tools, help and support you need to make 2021 a great year for your charity, despite the crisis; everything is free.

How It Helps You

2021 will bring new opportunities, but also new challenges, and we are desperately short of funding and our people hard pressed.  Survive And Thrive 2021 builds on the Charity Excellence response to the Covid crisis, by providing you with a whole range of new resources and functionality to help you make this year a great one for your charity. 

There are 4 main components:

  • Upgrades to the 50 funder lists, and the system database and resources. From Dec 20, ongoing.  
  • Relaunch of the hugely popular Covid Funder database as the far more powerful Funding Finder, plus new internal databases.
  • Upgrades to user functionality, including sector benchmarking and the new critical health check.
  • New types of users to enable others to create their own CEFs, across the UK.  Pilot launches Jan 21. 

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Recovery Toolbox

These are the 7 toolkits that enable you to respond to the key issues, including Toolkit 1 - the 2021 charity sector outlook.  You can access text versions of the other crisis toolkits below: 

Or download these in toolkit form, with the additional tools created to support their use, from the relevant CEF questionnaire.   

Improved CEF Database & Resources

The CEF itself and its huge resource base were already extremely popular; 46% of users rate these 10/10. But that means more than half didn't, so a full audit and upgrading of the database and its resources was completed at the end of Dec 20. 

Funding Finder Database

The hugely popular Covid Funder database has relaunched as Funding Finder and now includes not only 120+ core funders, but also search and click through to 300+ free funding databases and online funder lists.

  • It includes general databases, such as Funding Central, but many are sector or region specific, which makes searching easier. 
  • As before, you can search by various locations, sectors and amounts, but there are now also funding lists for specialist areas, such as performing arts, hate/violence, peer-to-peer, advocacy, employment and social justice. 
    • These are noted with the funder list name in search reports. 
  • If you work to support people in other countries, the system links to global funding sources, search by region or country. 
  • For the fundraising ninjas, there are research tools, such as 360 Giving and the IRS, in the US.

I’m also conscious that some people are not used to using databases and, for others, English is a second language.  I’ve made the settings broader, to automatically generate more funders, and changed the wording/layout to make it more accessible. I hope you find that helpful. 

However, you do need to watch the video to generate the maximum number of funders.  You have to listen to me, but only for 3 mins.

Login or register (2 mins) here.

Help Finder Database

Use the CEF's links to 200+ organisations that provide free goods and support, to enable you to find the help you need.  Everything from services such as legal, HR and consultancy, through to IT/digital, accommodation and meeting rooms, and lots more. 

I just need to find the funding and time to do this, so no forecast date yet.  However, the system already automatically displays relevant ones in the Help section of each assessment statement, as you score questionnaires.  You can find a selection of these on the Free Goods & Services page.  

Resource Finder Database

Too many are paying for goods and services they could get for free and many don't know about the advice and support they can access from charities, such as the FSI and SCC.

The CEF has a huge online resource base and it finds the resources you need, so you don't have to, when you use the system.  The feedback is hugely positive, so the new Resource Finder Database will make this available to anyone, not just management and trustees using the main system.  It will enable you to search for free toolkits, guides, templates and a huge range of other resources.

I don't have the funding to implement this yet, so no forecast date at the moment.    

Even More Extensive Funder Lists

An LGBTQI+ list was created, and the 26 existing funder lists substantially upgraded and uploaded on 25 Dec 20. 

The average number of funders per list has increased from 71 to 83, compared to the autumn 20 versions.    

To see the updated 2021 funder index - click here.

More, Bigger & Better Research Funder Lists 

These lists have less detail than the funder lists, but many more funders.  I've worked out how to extract better quality data and even more funders from charity regulator databases. 

I should be able to double the number of grant makers and am also working on 5 new lists.  Uploading of a new/updated funder list each week began 11 Jan. 

Phase 1 Upgrade - Multiple CEFs UK Wide

For large multi-site and infrastructure charities, grant makers and groups of charities, their own CEF system.  

It'll be really quick and simple to create and use, with new analytics and reports that'll make the current master dashboard look really basic.

They'll be able to report and analyse data in-depth and in real-time, to identify emerging trends, threats and opportunities, to better support their charities; all at the click of a button.

Pilot launches early Jan. 

Phase 2 Upgrade - More and Better Tools To Help You

A range of upgrades, designed to support you in identifying and responding to the key challenges 2021 will bring.

This will include sector benchmarking data, and the new Survive And Thrive critical health check table on the dashboard; live Jan 21. As with all system reporting, it will enable you to click through to relevant resources and people who will help you. 

  • Maximising Impact : achieve the most you can for your beneficiaries, with the resources you have available.
  • Income : maximise your income generation
  • Resilience : become more able to withstand the shock of crisis and change, in the short to medium term
  • Sustainability : ensure your organisation remains viable in the longer term
  • Front Line Funding : get the maximum amount of funding to your front-line activities.
  • Legal & Compliance : meet your responsibilities for complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Safeguarding People : keep everyone safe from harm, including issues, such as data protection, discrimination/bullying, whistleblowing and H&SW.


Phase 3 Upgrade - More Powerful Functionality

A new Research User option and further upgrades to improve the system's analytics and reporting, including sector level analysis by sub-sector and income band. 

There's a lot more planned, but I just need to find some partners and funding to make that possible.  I'm making progress. 

How Do I Get These Resources? 

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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