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Charity IT Trust Grants And Funding, And Free Software, Computers and IT Support For Charities.

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Sources of free charity IT support, computers, software, online learning, free tools and digital and IT funding for charities, from the huge Charity Excellence resource base .  Register Now to access all of its resources and its Funding Finder database, which has 50+ tech funders.  Everything is completely free. 

Free Digital And IT Support For Charities

  1. CITA - IT support
  2. Donate Code - designer & developer volunteer network 
  3. Digital Candle – Helpline: free 1 hr phone call with a digital expert
  4. Founders & Coders - design, build and test new digital services

Computers For Charities

  1. IT for Charities - list of charities/companies that dispose of and/or provide refurbished IT, not all free.
  2. Computers for Charities - charity providing low cost IT
  3. ComputerAid - very low cost refurbished IT for non-profits.
  4. IT Schools Africa - e-learning technology to improve life opportunities for school students and local communities in Africa and the UK. 

Free Charity Software


  1. Donorfy – CRM, free up to 500 records
  2. Red Cloud – donation manager – suite of software, CRM, donations etc.
  3. Grant Seeker.Fluxx – entry level version is free.  Need to set up as UK.


  1. Benchmarking - core & advanced accounts
  2. Mango – Excel-based accounting system; codes, transactions and reports  
  3. SAGE Foundation – SAGE software donations.

Work Management

  1. FaceBook - workplace collaboration software
  2. G Suite - workplace management software
  3. Slack – digital workspace collaboration
  4. Trello – project management software
  5. MRBS – web based meeting room/resources booking system


  1. Piktochart – create infographics
  2. Easel – create infographics
  3. Venngage – create infographics


  1. Gimp – open source image editor
  2. Pexels – photos and video
  3. Canva – design tool
  4. Crello – pro design tool, free to non-profits
  5. Wordswag – create text over photos


  1. Wikipedia - list of free and open source software organisations
  2. Oracle Net Suite – software donations and services
  3. Microsoft - free 365 software
  4. Facebook – for non-profits
  5. Survey Monkey – surveys
  6. Appypie – app builder without coding
  7. Hemingway – content analysis tool
  8. Google – You Tube non-profit
  9. Bitly – Goods: URL shortener, for social media posts
  10. Freepdfconvert – PDF to Excel converter
  11. GNU PSPP - statistical analysis of sampled data, very similar to SPSS
  12. R Project - software environment for statistical computing and graphics

Funding - Digital And IT Grants

Here are some of the 50+ tech funders in the Funding Finder database - use the Tech search category.

  1. Bethnall Green Ventures - funding accelerator twice a year that gives out monetary support, mainly to start-ups, using tech to drive social and environmental change.
  2. Clothworkers Foundation – will fund IT, including digital/audio visual equipment.
  3. Comic Relief - Tech for good.
  4. DCMS - occasional tech for good grants and support for charities.
  5. Eddie and Vanessa George Memorial Fund – grants for IT training for people in Cornwall.
  6. Family Fund – computers and tablets for disabled people and their families. 
  7. Fat Beehive Foundation - grants relating to the use of Information Technology.
  8. Misys Charitable Foundation - public education in communications and IT, and their application in commerce.
  9. National Lottery Digital Fund - using digital tools and approaches to support people and communities to thrive.
  10. Nesta - large-scale innovation for challenges such as healthcare, public services and infrastructure.
  11. Rothley Trust - with charitable work in NE England.
  12. Social Tech Trust – previously Nominate, transforming lives with technology.
  13. Thomas Wall Trust - up £5,000 towards specific projects or core activities that support literacy, numeracy, digital and additional skills for learning likely to assist employment prospects.  Registered charities, with income under £0.5m pa.
  14. WCIT – pro bono support and grants.
  15. W G Edwards Charitable Foundation - registered charities providing care for older people in the UK. 
  16. Zing - investment, connections and access to technology expertise to early stage youth impact organisations.

Global Sources Of IT Support & Grants

  1. Impact Challenge - asks local nonprofit innovators and social entrepreneurs how they would make their community—and beyond—an even better place. Opportunities announced on a rolling basis.
  2. Microsoft Social Entrepreneurship - supports social impact start-ups with technology, connections and grants.
  3. Tata Trusts – wide range of programmes, including digital inclusion and transformation.
  4. The Mozilla Foundation - connectivity and open internet initiatives for advocacy and on-the-ground work. They have annual tech grants for regionally targeted work
  5. Wikipedia - links to free software project foundations in the US.

Other Ways To Find Grant Funding For IT & Digital

Rather than search for a funder of technology, look for a funder who would be interested in what their grant would achieve. Here are some ideas:

  1. Allen Lane Foundation - small grants for start-up, core or project costs.
  2. Comic Relief – £500 capacity building grants for small grass roots community groups, with income under £250k. 

If you want more like these, download the Start-Ups & new Ideas, or the Crisis & Growth funder lists from the income questionnaire.

Alternatively, look for funders who would be intetested in your project outcomes. For example, if your project will support young people's mental health, try funders that support young people and/or mental health.  The free Funding Finder database will do this for you, including filtering funders, to find those that meet both categories.   

Toolkits To Find Free IT/Digital Tools

The Charity Excellence Framework also has the largest resource base in the charity sector. Here are some of them.

  1. TechforgoodCAST – social impact tech resources on Git Hub
  2. Digital Maturity Frameworks Overview – 57 digital tools, sortable

Free Online Learning For Digital & Tech

  1. Digital Garage – Google’s online learning; data, tech, digital marketing
  2. Hub Spot Academy – online marketing, sales and digital
  3. Accenture – online digital skills, from basic to advanced

Access All The Free Resources

The resources on this website are just a few from the huge CEF resource base, including the 8 assessment questionnaires, 7 crisis toolkits, the Funding Finder Database, which has its own funders, but also links to 100s of other free funder databases and funder lists, the 50 CEF funder lists and links to 100s of organisation that will help you for free, plus 1000s of links to free guides, toolkits and other resources

Everything is free.  Register Now to join the 15k other members of the Charity Excellence Community. 


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