Funding List - New Charity Grant Making Trusts & Foundations Scotland

A Funding list of new charity and community grant making trusts in Scotland - January to July 2020. One of 50 funder lists in the income questionnaire. Everything is free.

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New Grant Makers Aug 20 to May 21

SC050373 Rainforest Saver SCIO EH10 6PY
SC050514 Margaret's Charitable Trust EH3 8HA
SC050665 MoJoTraverse Charitable Trust EH3 8HA
SC050951 Maria Manuela Sutherland Charitable Trust G1 3BX
SC050398 Ayr Amateur Opera Company KA7 4QR
SC050600 McKenzie Clinic [SCIO] KA8 8AX
SC050903 Caithness Foodbank SCIO KW1 4SB
SC050922 Caithness F.M. Limited KW14 7QU
SC050892 Friends of Stoneworks Orkney KW15 1TP
SC050508 Mrs Jeanette C Crighton's Charitable Trust PH7 4AZ
SC050433 George Crawford Legacy Trust TD1 1BG

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