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A low cost, friendly service from an expert not a salesperson and my free guides enable you to do everything yourself at no cost, if you prefer.  If you want help, I offer both a full and low cost Charity Commission registration service.  I also register CICs, register charities with HMRC, review draft applications, draft responses to Charity Commission queries, draft appeals, and convert companies to CICs and CICs to charities.      

For more information and a no obligation, free advice call, e mail me at

 “Ian’s guidance and support throughout the application process has been phenomenal. He has gone above and beyond his line of duty and is there to hold your hand and explain what the Charity Commissioners are looking for in setting up a charity. His experience is second to none, and his calm and helpful manner keeps you motivated and engaged. He made the process so simple and it wasn’t long before we received our registration". 

Sirwa Sabir, Founder, Hommie


Charity Excellence Framework

I've been a charity volunteer for 40+years and worked at senior management level for 25+, including various chair and CEO roles, start-ups and turnarounds. I'm the founder of Charity Excellence - 100% of the registration fees I'm paid is used to help fund the charity.  

For those who value them, I hold an MSc (Corporate Management), and ACCA finance and accounting, and CIoF fundraising qualifications. 

Full details of my experience, endorsements and recommendations are in my LinkedIn profile.

"Ian is supportive, innovative and always there for any help needed for the charity sector! I am grateful for his support and guidance."  

Lenna Lou, Mentee


Charity Excellence Framework

If you're not sure what type of charity or CIC might be best for you, this guide enables you to do that.  Alternatively, this short video (3 mins) explains the most common options and I also have an infographic.

Once you've decided, I have a series of free online DIY registration guides for charities, CICs and HMRC.

Securing registration can be difficult, so I've a guide to challenging Charity Commission decisions.

I also have guides to setting up an unincorporate association (unregistred charity), opening a free charity bank account, the various types of charity tax relief, how to claim the different kinds of  Gift Aid and getting started in fundraising.  

Each guide contains all the links to online portals, documents and guidance you need to do everything yourself, at no cost. 

If you need some help, see the next section. 

‘Ian very kindly responded with extremely useful information on setting up a charity.  Ian’s help and guidance has made me even more enthused and I cannot thank him enough for his time and assistance. His breadth of knowledge is extensive and to share this with others is proof of his generosity’  Emmerson Wood, Founder


Charity Excellence Framework

My guides enable you to everything yourself, but I can also provide support if you need it.  

Full Charity Registration - I complete the full application for you, including drafting responses to the inevitable queries and, if necessary, an appeal (Decision Review).

Low Cost Charity Registration - I set up your account, create your objects, constitution and policies, and draft responses to various parts of the application.  I provide you with step-by-step instructions on exactly what you need to do and watch out for and on-call support for any advice you might need.  If you wish, I can also review your application before submission.  

Registration Review - if you've already completed your charity application yourself, I can review this for you redraft as necessary, and create any policies you might need. 

  Other Support - I also register CICs, register charities with HMRC to claim Gift Aid, carry out company conversions to CICs and charities, charity conversions, and draft responses to Charity Commission queries and appeals. 

On average 40% of charity registrations are unsuccessful (Charity Commission Annual Report 20/21).  I have never failed to register a charity, where I've been provided with the information needed, although I've twice had to go to Decision Review and twice taken the Commission to the 1st Tier Charity Tribunal. 

Contact me for advice, without any sales pressure -

Plaese note that I'm neither a lawyer, nor an accountant, so not able to offer professional advice in these areas. If you need such advice, you need to seek this from a relevant professional. 

"The service you provide is beyond any cost. You are helping people to make their vision a reality". Priyesh Katariya, Founder     


Charity Excellence Framework

I charge for my time, but not for on-call advice, policies or any other resources and do not charge VAT.  I offer fixed prices and also an hourly rate of £99, or less for substantial work. 

Full Charity Registration Service - fee £799, with a £399 non-refundable deposit.  You may be able to find someone cheaper, but this service includes drafting responses to the almost inevitable Charity Commission queries and, if necessary, submitting an appeal. 

Low Cost Charity Registration - this normally takes 3 hours.  For more complex applications it may require longer.  I can do any extra work for you, or alternatively, provide you with advice and/or additional resources for you to complete this yourself.  More care and work is needed if there is property or conflicts of interest, such as someone being paid or a connection to another organisation, particularly a private company or overseas NGO.  This does not include drafting responses to Commission queries or an appeal.   

Charity Application Review - to review an application you've completed yourself, usually takes 2 hours. 

Responding To Charity Commission Queries/Appeals - probably an hour or 2. 

Charitable Company Registration - to register a charitable company with Companies House, as well as the Charity Commission, it's an additional £50, plus the £12 filing fee.  

Company Conversion - it depends on what you're doing, but it usually takes 1 to 2 hours. 

CIC Registration - £159, plus the £27 filing fee.  I do everything myself, so it should be cheaper to use an online company; about £100, once they add VAT.

HMRC Charity Registration - £199, or £149 for charity registration clients.

'Thank you Ian: we really couldn't have done it without you!'  Phoebe Jervis, Founder, Suicide & Co  

The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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