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Charity trust & foundation grant funding lists and fundraising, trustee governance, strategy and other guides, plus the Charity & Start Up toolboxes, from the huge Charity Excellence resource base.
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‘The additional resources have turned out to be invaluable’. National Animal Welfare Trust Berkshire

Resource Hub Index - Fundraising, Trust & Foundation Grant Funding, Trustee Governance, Strategy, Impact, People, Finance, Comms & The Toolkits

Posted 10/13/2020

The Charity Excellence Resource Hub - fundraising, trust & foundation grant funding lists, trustee governance, strategy, impact, people, finance and communications. This is just a tiny fraction of what's available on the system; everything is free. The CEF system itself has 5000+ resource links.

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Help Ukraine - Charities To Donate To, Fundraising Appeal Resources And 50 Grant Makers For The Ukraine

Posted 3/1/2022

I've created this resource to try and help in some small way. It includes a link to charities you can donate to, resources for those creating a fundraising appeal, a list of 50 grant makers that work in the Ukraine and a source of pro bono security advice for those who are.

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50+ Free Lists Of Grant Making Charitable Trusts & Foundations For Charities & Community Groups

Posted 8/12/2020

50+ free downloadable lists of grant making charitable trusts & foundations for charities & community groups. Including lists for core funding and small charities & community groups. You can also register for the Charity Excellence Funding Finder online directory. Everything is free.

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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