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Charity trust & foundation grant funding lists and fundraising, trustee governance, strategy and other guides, plus the Charity & Start Up toolboxes, from the huge Charity Excellence resource base.
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‘The additional resources have turned out to be invaluable’. National Animal Welfare Trust Berkshire

100+ Charity Donation Websites And UK Online Fundraising Platforms & How To Choose The Best One For Your Charity

Posted 1/17/2021

Links to 100+ charity donation websites and online fundraising platforms, sorted by category, and with advice on how to choose the best for your charity. Donation platforms, volunteers, business support, shopping, micro donations, auction, buy/sell, contactless, events, recycling, cards and vouchers, crowd funding and more

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How To Create A Great Charity Volunteer Policy & Agreement - A Template To Recruit, Manage And Retain Your Volunteers

Posted 9/18/2021

This short, practical guide and template enable you to create your volunteer policy and agreement to find, recruit, manage and retain your volunteers

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Charity Commission Due Diligence - A Checklist For Fundraising, Donations, Donors And Partners

Posted 7/30/2020

Due diligence is carrying out reasonable checks on donations, new fundraising donors, partners contractors or others to help ensure problems will not arise in working with them and comply with donor rules & regulations, such as gift acceptance & refusal, ethical fundraising policies and 'know your donor'. This article also includes links to Charity Commission due diligence compliance toolkits and checklists for donors and partners.

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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