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Charity Excellence Framework Licence

Twelve month’s access – charity dashboard, use of all 8 questionnaires, search facility, access to resource base and external links, facility to export reports. The Charity Excellence Framework Quality Mark is awarded at our discretion, at no additional cost, once qualified.

  • Annual Income : Under £10k
  • Annual Income : £11k - £99k
  • Annual Income : £100k - £500k
  • Annual Income : £501k – £1m
  • Annual Income : £1m - £3m
  • Annual Income : More than £3m

Buy a 2-year licence for a 20% discount, in addition to any other discount.

Membership Discounts

Where an agreement has been negotiated with an umbrella, membership or other body you belong to, the relevant discount will be applied . Only one discount may be claimed.

If any body you belong to doesn’t have an agreement with us, ask them to contact us (copying in and we’d be happy to discuss creating one. If we do, your discount will be refunded.

Additional E Mails

Additional e mails can be added at a cost equivalent to 10% of your annual licence fee, for each additional e mail. To purchase, go to your Additional Users page and add your additional e mails.

The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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