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We fail to claim £600m pa in Gift Aid alone and that’s just one of many HMRC charity tax and VAT reliefs, exemptions and deductions. Not just fundraising donations, but also payroll, business rates and more, which you can claim up to 4 years retrospectively

Here’s a list below, but run ‘Tax Reliefs’ in the query system to find what you're not claiming, with links to the guidance to do so.

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If you haven’t yet registered with HMRC, here’s my guide on how to do so.

A number of additional tax reliefs have been brough in, in response to COVID19.

You can claim Gift Aid on donations from UK tax payers on a variety of donations; including small donations in tins/buckets, retail, text, volunteer expenses, and membership

Here's my guide. on what you need to know and an HMRC guide on how to complete you Gift Aid schedule.

Charities can claim VAT reliefs in areas , such as advertising, disability aids, construction, talking books, drugs and chemicals, rescue equipment, medicinal products, resuscitation models, medical and scientific equipment and even lifeboats.

There are also exemptions for fuel and power, including the Climate Change Levy, a refund scheme for museums and galleries offering free admission, and charitable organisations can imported certain goods into the UK free of duty and VAT.

While you're at it, check that the VAT scheme you're using is the best one for you.

And make sure you've identified items that are VAT reduced or zero rated , or are exempt VAT , which includes fundraising events , or outside the scope of VAT, such as donations.

There mandatory 80% relief for charities is well known. Less well known is the additional 20% discretionary relief for charities and the 100% discretionary relief for non-profits that aren't charities.

There are also reliefs for retail, exempt (disabled people and religious use) and empty buildings, small business, rural, enterprise and hardship. Click here for the guidance.

You can claim up to £4000 in employment allowance, if you pay Class 1 National Insurance (most full time staff).

Here are the guidelines on Corporation Tax allowances and reliefs and tax guidance for CICs. Individuals receive a 30% SITR tax break, when investing in an eligible organisation.
There are also EIS, SEIS and R&D tax reliefs.

For a whole range of guidance on charity tax, visit the Charity Tax Group.
Tax is complex and I’m neither a tax adviser, nor accountant. This is simply an informal guide and I’ve no control over 3rd party articles or websites. Seek professional guidance, if you need it.

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