20+ Ideas To Engage Your Trustees In Fundraising

Many trustees find fundraising a challenge and others are simply not able to make a significant financial donation. However, there are lots of opportunities for them to support your work, many that are easy and anyone can do. In doing so, they may learn a lot more about you than in a board meeting and, in all probability, enjoy themselves.

Make A Donation

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  • If you're one of those great people who can and wishes to make either a substantial one-off or ongoing gift, that's fantastic, but, if not;
  • Almost anyone can make a small regular donation, or buy a raffle ticket.
  • Or consider leaving a gift in your will and be willing to share that, to encourage others to do so as well.

Use Your Networks

  • Discuss with the fundraisers who in your own network might be engaged and help arrange an introduction or invite them to visit. Review prospect/donor lists with your fundraisers.
  • For companies, it could be access to a staff volunteer programme, or charity of the year, or payroll giving. 
  • Represent your charity, or even speak at external events, or;
    • Secure a speaking opportunity for your charity’s staff.
  • Promote your charity’s work via your own networks, such as articles in newsletters, or:
    • Forward campaign e mails/newsletters to individuals in your own network.

Or Social Media Networks

  • Connect with your charity on social media, and like and share its posts.
  • Recruit social media champions to connect with your charity and promote it into new networks of potential supporters.
  • Appear in a short social media video clip, saying why you volunteer and describing the fantastic impact your charity has.
  • Or, better still, get someone well known in your network to do so, or provide a quote you can use.

Get Hands On

  • Host a 'friendraiser' and invite your charity along to talk about your work.
  • Do something good for yourself and your charity, at the same time.
    • The marathon you’ve always wanted to run, or a fun run, or lose weight, or give up smoking.
  • Contact local shops/businesses and ask them to display a collection tin, or make a raffle donation, or auction prize, or sponsorship.
  • Attend external meetings, where your presence may support the staff team.  
  • Write thank you letters or make calls to donors.
    • Or sign Christmas cards to key funders and stakeholders.
  • Don't just turn up, but rather, actively engage with guests and promote your work at events.
    • Better still, invite friends/colleagues to come along as well. 
  • Sell tickets/ or source auction items/raffle prizes.
    • Get inventive, by seeing who can source the best 'money can't buy' prize.
  • Get some exercise by distributing posters/leaflets in your local community.

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