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Using the free Charity Excellence CIO online trustee governance and management checklists, huge resource base and Funding Finder database.

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Free Charity Online Checklists, Resources & Funding Database



Your personal charity digital mentor, it enables you to easily assess your trustee governance and any area of management in 30 mins. Use your interactive dashboard to identify ways to achieve even more.

CEF is a brilliant "everything in one place" help, for charity, their trustees,
staff and volunteers, whether you need 'beginners level' or 'advanced'.

It then connects you to a huge range of free resources and guidance, and 100s of organisations that provide pro bono help and free goods and services to charities.

“It’s brilliant!! and has given me a full action plan and focus, really helping
with improving the organisation - Thank you.”



Improve your fundraising effectiveness and find new ways to secure funding, with access to all the fundraising resources and guidance, including its 50+ downloadable funder lists.

“Undoubtedly, we would not still be here without this brilliant resource. For
smaller charities you are an absolute lifeline”.

Uniquely, the Funding Finder database also links you to 100s of other trust and foundation directories and online funder lists, giving you click through to more grant funding than any other.

Significant grants in the last fortnight have secured the charity’s future. I
wanted you to share in our feeling of jubilation, celebration. Keep up the great work!



It requires no IT or charity management experience, works for any charity, even the smallest, and it’s completely free!

“As with everything on this website, IT IS ESSENTIAL! am so very grateful I
came across it!”



Join the 20,000+ charities in our community; nearly half rate it 10/10.

“This is an amazing tool. 1000 out of 10”.

  • Achieve even more - by improving your trustee governance and management effectiveness

    Ongoing assurance in every area - income, communications, governance, people, risk, finance & resources, strategy & operations

    Secure more funding - by improving your fundraising effectiveness and find more funders, using the Funding Finder database and 50+ funder lists

    Get more money to the front-line – identify savings and find unclaimed tax reliefs, with links to 100s of organisations providing free goods and services

    Access the huge range of free resources – 1000s of toolkits, templates, policies and practical guidance

    Demonstrate your excellence to funders and other stakeholders, by completing the online health check to achieve the Quality Mark.

The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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