The Charity Excellence Framework:

A free, online toolkit to increase impact and funding

Providing assurance and enabling charity trustees and management to increase their social impact and secure more charitable funding

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The coding costs of building the database were generously funded by the Clare Foundation. A charity that brings together key stakeholders, partners, businesses and charitable organisations, to facilitate and create positive change.


'Whilst it has created key focuses for us, the joy of the system is that it also give us guidance, templates and key documents to make this as smooth and as easy as possible for us. It is really easy to use and isn’t overly onerous (apart from making you think)'. CEO, Andover & District Mencap


By assessing each area to find opportunities to do more and increase effectiveness."The questions are phrased brilliantly, challenging how we prioritise our management time.” CEO Ecosystems Network


By increasing income and getting more of the funding you do have to front-line activities. "Fantastic resources." Founder, Anam Cara Fasgadh


Users rate its ease of use and low workload 9/10. "Simple, easy to answer and understand questions that make you sit up and think!"  The Sunlight Trust


"I was mentored by a fellow CEO and learned a valuable lesson - you cannot eat an elephant all at once.

This is where I found the Charity Excellence Framework really useful. For a CEO you have to implement Business Strategy, Risk Assessment, Communication Strategy, Asset Register, Financial Controls, Social Impact Performance and tenths of other practices... Overwhelming? Where do I start?

It is where the framework changed my work life and reduced my stress levels. Via a user-friendly control panel, you can improve your charity performance, a step at a time. Relax and get some work done!"  Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet, Founder, Bike for Good,


"At Autism Wessex we have used the Charity Excellence Framework to help us identify priorities and to see our progress with our activities. It is very User Friendly and really encouraging when you see the red scores turn amber and then green! I would recommend it to everyone"  Siún Cranny, CEO

  • Improve your fundraising and identify new sources of funding; including 100+ free funding finders, pre-researched funder lists and fundraising tools & guides
  • The Quality Mark and dashboard assurance table demonstrate your commitment to excellence and provide reassurance to funders
  • Maximise tax reliefs and save money, using the links to 100s of organisations providing free goods/services and help
  • Find anything you need, using its 1000s of links to practical ideas, guidance, policies, templates and toolkits
  • Very quick and easy to use – 2 mins to set-up, 30 mins for each of the 8 questionnaires and from the interactive dashboard, it’s 2 clicks to everything
  • Easily assess every area of activity – income, communications, governance, people, risk, finance & resources, strategy & operations
  • Ongoing assurance that everything is working well, it works for any charity and everything is completely free - Register Now

The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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