Free Online Charity Management And Governance Health Checks

8 Free Online Charity Management And Governance Health Checks & Huge Resource Base

8 Charity Management And Governance Health Checks

The free online charity management and governance health checks work for any charity, are free, quick and simple to use and connect you to a huge range of free support and resources.  Eight charity management checks, including governance and fundraising. Each takes just 30 mins.

Online Charity Management And Governance Checks - Set Up

On 1st login you tell the system all about your charity and it uses this to create 8 management check questionnaires specific to your charity's needs.  Scoring each is very quick and simple and, as you score each statement, it displays links to free help and relevant resources - guides, templates, checklists and tools. Your results appear on your interactive dashboard, which enables you to see at a glance your priorities and opportunities.  Click any result to see the underlying management report, with access all the help and resources, then click Export to download an action plan and get started.

Your own personal charity digital mentor that enables you to ask all the questions you need to, including those you may not know about (yet).  Watch this 3 min video, to see how it will help you, plus its Funding FinderHelp Finder and Data Finder online directories.

Fast, Simple & Free

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Or click the AI tech bunny icon bottom right in your screen and ask it anything about running your charity and it'll go and get it for you.  Use short sentences, including key words.

Tell It All About Your Charity, So It Knows How Best To Help You

On 1st login, you'll be taken to your My Profile page to tell it all about your charity, so it knows how best to help you. Click everything that applies and nothing that doesn't, then click Save.  It takes 2 minutes.  If you make a mistake, click the Amend Profile button at the top and simply change your choices.

Your 8 Online Charity Health Check Questionnaires

The system creates 8 management questionnaires that are unique to your charity and, collectively, cover every area of activity. You don't need any charity or management experience to use it.  The system will walk you through each, enabling you to understand the key issues and how to manage these well.  And, because these are built specific to your charity's needs, they work for even the smallest non-profit.

  • Fundraising - maximising your income.
  • Governance - ensuring you trustee board is working together well.
  • People - enabling your people to do more of the great work they do.
  • Communications - engaging stakeholders and funders.
  • Finance & Resources - making sure your finances work well and you're making maximum use of your resources.
  • Risk - identifying and manging risk to keep your charity and people safe.
  • Operations - ensuring you are delivering your services as well as you possibly can.
  • Strategy - making longer term plans and decision to maximise your charity's impact.

Management Check Any Area Of Your Charity Quickly And Simply

Choose a questionnaire from the tabs at the top of your screen, read the simple instructions and then click Start.  The system will display a simple, plain English statement describing an activity in your charity.  Click the star rating, based on the extent to which you see that happening and how important it is to you, or if any activity isn't applicable, click Not Applicable.  Then click Next.  That's all you have to do.

It should take no more than 30mins, as long as you don’t start exploring the resources it displays!  Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you can access it and the help and resources at any time via your dashboard or the query system.

Charity Excellence is user led, so make sure you rate the questionnaire once you've completed it and add comments about how it could be made even better for you. Nearly half of those using it rate it 10/10.

Identifying Your Trustee & Management Priorities & Opportunities

As you complete questionnaires, your interactive dashboard is updated with your results.  Your results are colour coded using a traffic light system enabling you to see at a glance what your priorities are and find opportunities. It also displays sector benchmarking data, and you can click any of your scores to run the underlying report, access the free help and resources, then click Export to download ana action plana and get started.

The Huge Resource Hub - Templates, Tools, Checklists and Guides

All Charity Excellence systems tap into the huge collective expertise of the sector and the wider internet.  The resource hub is so large, the system finds the help, tools, checklists, regulatory guidance and guides you need for you.

And It'll Help You If You Get Stuck

From your dashboard it's 2 clicks to everything, but the system will help you, if you get stuck on anything.

  • On 1st login, it displays a pop-up box in each screen, that explains what it does and how to use it.
  • There are also short in-system videos, and you can click the ? symbols in any part of the system to get help.
  • And there are also Troubleshooting and FAQs links, plus the Charity Terms button that explains charity and management terms in plain English.

Reducing Workload And Answering Difficult Charity Management Questions

The query system makes answering difficult questions easy, with 100 criteria to choose from, and it also connects you to all the help and resources.  For example, do we claim all our tax reliefs, how could we improve our website, how innovative are we and how good are we at promoting wellbeing?

Quality Mark - Demonstrating Your Excellence To Stakeholders, Including Funders

With all the scandals and abuse, the Quality Mark demonstrates your commitment to excellence to funders and other stakeholders and that you are one of our many fantastic charities.  There's no additional workload, as the system does it all for you. Once you've completed the 8 questionnaires and passed the quality scoring assessment, the quality mark will appear on your dashboard, and you'll be sent the logo for this year.

And It Does Far More Than That To Support You In Your Role & Responsibilities

A registered charity ourselves, we provide 8 online management checks, the huge information hub, Quality Mark and 3 online directories.

  • Funding Finder - click through to more funding than any other grant directory, with categories for Core Funding and Small Charities & Community Groups and 60+ downloadable grant lists.
  • Help Finder – find advice, pro bono support, and companies that make donations, including for raffle and auction items.
  • Data Finder - finds data for funding bids, fundraising research, impact reporting, planning and campaigning.

Fast, Simple & Free

To find the funding and free help you need – Register Now

To access help and resources on anything to do with running a charity, including funding, click the AI Bunny icon in the bottom right of your screen and ask it short questions, including key words.  Register, then login and the in-system AI Bunny will write funding bids and download a range of policies, as well.

Tell Me More

You can find out about any aspect of what the system does by selecting the relevant topic on the FAQs page.

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