Companies That Donate Raffle Prizes To UK Schools And Charity

Companies That Donate Raffle Prizes To UK Charity & Schools

UK Companies Willing To Donate Raffle Prizes To Schools & Charity

Help Finder finds businesses and companies that will donate free raffle prizes to UK schools and charity. Our 2024 guide on how to find UK companies willing to donate charity raffle prizes, with a list of some national, regional and local companies that donate charity raffle prizes at the bottom.

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How To Get Raffle Prize Donations For Your Charity Or School

Finding companies willing to donate raffle prize donations for your school or charity can be a challenge.  Secure the raffle prize donations you need by contacting local and national companies.  Our free Help Finder directory enables you to do that very quickly and simply and once logged in, the in-system AI bunny will even write your application for a raffle prize donation for you.

But there are also other ways to secure raffle prizes.  Whom do your trustees/governors, volunteers and supporters know in local companies, businesses and organisations or do they know any celebrities?  You may well be surprised.  You can also maybe talk to your suppliers, visit local companies and businesses or call them.  To help you, I've included some charity raffle ideas at the end.

How To Find UK Companies Willing To Donate Raffle Prizes

Once logged in to Help Finder, use the Category pull down menu to select Donated Products & Equipment.  From the UK Country/International pull down menu select UK Wide and your UK country.  If applicable, in the England - City/County section enter your county and/or city.  Then click Search.

The system will display details of each provider, with a link to the relevant section of its website.  Some very large companies have 1000s of outlets, so I've included an office locator link in the text.  Copy and paste this into your browser to find the company office or outlet local to you.

Help Finder - UK Company Charity Raffle Prize Donations

The system finds free donations of services and goods for charity, so scroll through your results to find the ones that would make the best raffle prizes for your charity or school.  Here are some of the types of company donation entries you'll want.

  • Experience days.
  • Complementary tickets to theme parks and cinemas.
  • Sweets, chocolate and toys.
  • Gift vouchers.
  • Company product donations, such as household goods.
  • Donated company services, such as spa days and hotel stays.
  • Donated rail, plane, ferry and cruise tickets.

You can also use the Donations - Funding search to find companies that make financial donations to charities or Volunteering to find company volunteers to help.

Companies Willing To Donate Raffle Prizes - UK Wide

Here are some companies willing to donate charity raffle prizes from Help Finder.  Always enter UK Wide and your UK country, as many large companies that donate to charity and schools do so either UK wide or through their local outlets, some have 1000s - I include a location finder in the text for you.

Buy A Gift Experience Days The website doesn't have much, but there's an e mail to apply and they say - We welcome charity requests, although due to the large number that we receive we cannot guarantee they will always be approved. UK wide.
Delta Force Paintball Delta Force Paintball has helped a number of local and national charities over the years and welcomes recommendations for ways to help local charities. If you have any suggestions please contact a staff member.  They have 45 centres throughout the UK and Ireland.  Locations finder -
Eurostar A monthly free draw for complimentary tickets. Send them an e mail to be included.  UK wide.
Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Product Donations Products that cannot be sold are donated to non profits. They have some big partnerships, but also say - "Amazon is committed to building more links between our sites and the local communities surrounding them". If you know someone who works for them, great. If not, contact your nearest location. In the UK they have operations in Cambridge, Edinburgh, London and Manchester and 20+ distribution centres UK wide. Distribution centre locations -
Go Ape Have partnered with the Prince's Trust, but scroll down to Other Charitable Work. They donate gift vouchers and time at fundraising events. Each of their teams fundraise directly for their chosen local charities. The website says they have 36 locations in N England, the Midlands, the Lakes, SW England, Scotland & Wales. I think it's out-of-date as there's one near me in Bucks. Use this location finder -

UK Companies That Donate Raffle Prizes - Regional

Here are some companies that donate raffle prizes to charity and schools locally from Help Finder.  Don't forget to include your major UK city or English county in your search criteria, if applicable.  If not, you can always try using the Key Word search box to see what comes up.

Cineworld Work with charities, schools and community groups on a wide range of activities, such as working with distributors on charity screenings, providing free shows for organisations and working closely with local schools. There's no contact link, but you could try their customer services, via the Contact button at the top of the page. Ten locations in England, Glasgow and Belfast, use this link -
Brittany Ferries Brittany Ferries supports a wide range of UK charities both national and local, but our focus is on charities with connections to our ports; Portsmouth, Plymouth and Poole. Most support is given in the form of free or reduced rate travel used in raffles to raise funds.
Merlin Entertainment Their UK registered Merlin's Magic Wand charity provides makes fun accessible to children with three Magic Spells: "Magical Days Out" providing tickets and contributing towards a travel grant for families to enjoy their day at a Merlin Entertainments’ attraction; "Merlin’s Magic On Tour" working with our local communities at hospitals and hospices to bring the magic to the children wherever they are; and "Merlin’s Magic Spaces" designing and creating amazing projects in hospitals, orphanages, learning centres. They have numerous attractions in England and 2 in Scotland, including Sea Life Centres, Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Lego Land and Thorpe Park.

UK Companies That Donate Raffle Prizes - Local

As long as you've entered any major UK city and/or an English county, the system will automatically display companies that donate charity raffle prizes locally but you can also try using the Key Word search.

Lindt Chocolate The provide 10 donations a month for registered charities, schools and hospitals supporting families and children based in TW14 (Greater London/Surrey area). They don't provide donations June, July, or August due to the high temperatures.
Alton Towers Support charity and community projects in Staffordshire and the Staffordshire Moorlands either through financial donations or complementary tickets for raffles and tombola.
Boots - Surplus Stock Support the local voluntary sector in Nottinghamshire by donating surplus stock that is in date and good condition. Store locator -
Castlepoint Shopping Centre Based in Bournemouth, Dorset, they carry out a range of fundraising activities and make donations, including of products for raffles.
London Eye The London Eye supports charities in the local boroughs that surround the attraction. Send them an e mail.
National Conference Centre Offer venues for Birmingham charity events to the registered charities they have long been associated with - special rate packages, raffle and auction prize donations, and things that are a little more creative.

Great Raffle Prize Ideas For Your Charity Or School

Here are some great charity raffle prize ideas and tombola suggestions for your charity or school.

  • For cheap and cheerful raffle prize ideas, you might consider high street shop gift cards, cash prizes, homeware, such as candles and picture frames, or drinks, food, flowers and books.
  • Vouchers for a local shop, restaurant, gym, spa or hairdressing salon.
  • Also free, are raffle prizes that money can't buy, if you have contacts or approach in local companies, businesses or organisations.  For example, a behind the scenes tour of a company or organisation or announcing the weather on your local radio station.
  • Or perhaps the higher end raffle prizes, such as an I Pad or Apple Watch, VIP access to an event, an artwork, holidays.
  • If you approach or have contacts with a celebrity, perhaps a signed piece of memorabilia or a recipe, or even cooking a meal at home.

Companies That Donate Raffle Prizes FAQs

  • Are raffles a good way to make money?  Except for the very large raffles, these tend not to raise substantial funding but are a great way for charities and clubs to raise funds.  There are some rules, but items are usually donated by volunteers or local companies, so raffles are often a simple and low-cost way to raise funds.
  • How do I contact companies for raffle prizes?  People give to people for causes that are important to them. Use your supporters and the Internet, or Charity Excellence Help Finder, to identify and contact companies that are local to you or whose work may have some connection to what you do.
  • How do you ask for charity raffle prizes?  Try to speak to someone who can make decisions and, if you or a supporter knows someone, that significantly increases your chance of success.  In asking for a raffle prize, keep it short, simple and clear - people are busy.
  • Is a raffle classed as a lottery?  'Lottery' is a broad term and includes many types of events, such as raffles, tombolas and sweepstakes.
  • Can I hold a raffle without a licence UK?  Your charity, community group or club can run a small society lottery to raise money for good causes.  Raffles cannot be run for commercial purposes.  You don't need a licence, however you must register your lottery with your local licensing authority.
  • What are good charity raffle prizes?  It seems obvious but have prizes your audience will actually want and try and include items that will appeal to everyone, such as vouchers. No one wants to win a raffle prize they don't want.
  • How many raffle prizes should you have?  You want one 'big' raffle prize that will encourage everyone to buy tickets and enough smaller ones to appeal to everyone you will want to sell tickets.  Avoid having a large number of prizes as this is unlikely to increase the funds you raise but will increase workload.
  • Can I give away alcohol as a prize?  You don't need a licence to give alcoholic beverages away as prizes, like a bottle of champagne for a winning raffle ticket, but there are rules about what can be given away. Contact your council for more information.
  • Can I run a raffle as a fundraiser at an event?  An incidental lottery (raffle) can take place alongside a commercial or non-commercial event. It cannot be the main reason for holding the event and any money raised must go to charity or other good causes. It cannot be run for private or commercial gain.

Charity Raffle Prizes - Regulatory Guidance

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