Grant Funding For UK Charity Mental Health & Community Wellbeing Projects

A UK funding list for charity mental health & community wellbeing projects, with categories for core funding, young people, older people, small grants and small charities, women, England and churches & faith groups.

UK Grant List - Charity Mental Health & Community Wellbeing Project Funding

A funding list for UK charity mental health and community wellbeing project grants, including for loneliness and social isolation, with categories for grants for for core funding, small grants and small charities, young people, older people, faith groups and women, as well as England.  The much larger mental health and wellbeing funder list can be downloaded from the income questionnaire, including local and regional grant funding.  It's one of 50+ grant funding lists.      

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UK Charity Mental Health And Wellbeing Projects - General Grant Funding

Lankelly Chase - Severe disadvantages such as homelessness, drug misuse, violence and abuse, and mental ill health.

Bergqvist Charitable Trust - Health, the arts, education and the environment, by making grants to specialist registered charities and community organisations. There is a particular emphasis on epilepsy and psychiatric research projects and assisting people with epilepsy and mental health conditions. Annual spend £50k.

Earn N Live - support those with disabilities in Bangladesh and the UK by: working for the prevention or relief of poverty; assisting in the treatment and care of persons suffering from mental or physical illness and advancing the education of the general public regarding the treatment of mental or physical illness.

Welland Trust – Supports charitable organisations or projects in England and Wales aimed primarily at care experienced adults, through advancing their health, relieving unemployment, the provision of financial assistance and housing and skills development. It will support projects, services and initiatives. They are particularly keen to support the creation of opportunities to help reduce homelessness, reduce reoffending and support that will enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of adults who've been in care. The average grant works out at £51k.

Mental Health & Wellbeing - Core Funding Grants

Albert Hunt Trust - Core Funding – charities with income under £250k, capital, core/running costs, hospice, homeless, health & wellbeing, UK wide, not overseas.

Allen Lane Foundation - Core Funding - small grants for start-up, core or project costs. Asylum-seekers and refugees, LGBTQI+, Gypsies and Travellers, Migrant workers, Offenders and ex-offenders, Older people, mental health problems and violence/abuse. Also supports groups that are not charities.

Henry Smith Charity - Core Funding - £20k – £60k per year, for 1 to 3 years, running costs, salaries and projects, charities and social enterprises of income £50k - £2m pa. Social inequality and economic disadvantage, including BAME, LGBT, disability, drug/substance misuse, domestic/sexual violence, healthcare, homelessness, mental health, offenders, prostitution, trafficking, refugees and asylum seekers, holiday grants for children. Priority to areas of high deprivation. Will fund running costs and social enterprises. Also makes grants to small, registered charities in 8 English Counties.

Rayne Foundation - Core Funding - may award core funding when an organisation is making a step-change in the way that it works or tackles a particular issue. UK charitable and not-for-profit organisations - arts, health and wellbeing, education in its widest sense, and those that cover social issues. Areas of special interest: Young people’s mental health; Arts to achieve social change; carers and for older people. Target funding towards issues and organisations which do not enjoy widespread public support.

Schroder Charity Trust - UK Core Funder - up to £5,000 towards core and project costs to UK registered charities; Arts, Culture and Heritage, Education, Training and Employment, Environment and Conservation, Health and Wellbeing and Strengthening Communities. Success rate about 1 in 5. Will fund overseas work. Priority to Replicable and sustainable work, Value for money, use of volunteers, older people, marginalised/vulnerable younger people and use of helplines and information support services. There are 2 rounds of grants made each year.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Funding - England

Comic Relief Community Fund (England) – Administered by Groundwork UK, one strategic aim is Mental Health Matters: projects that support good mental health in communities, improve access to support and tackle stigma and discrimination. Open to grassroot community organisations with an income less than £250k. Up to £10k available (split as £1k for capacity building and £9k for project delivery).

G & K Boyes Charitable Trust – supports local and national charities in both England and Wales from a wide range of causes including the relief of those suffering from both physical and mental health issues. Both small and large donations provided and have supported salary costs in the past.

Fairness Foundation - Disability, human rights, older people, medical, mental health, migrants/refugees, prisoner support, women, domestic abuse, fair society/citizenship, animal welfare, children and the environment in England & Wales. Income £1.3m.

Hodge Foundation – England & Wales.  Welfare, education, medical and faith. Includes the elderly, homeless, disabled, special needs and those with mental health issues, local hospices, children’s care and university-based research in the fields of cancer and mental health, facilities in church buildings and inclusive activities for the wider community.

Coalfields Community Investment Programme for England - Core Funding - projects in most deprived coalfield communities addressing skills, employment, health and wellbeing; will fund Core Costs up to 50% of the total costs.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Grant Funding - Young People

BBC Children In Need - Small Grants 2021 - Up to £10k for up to 3 years for UK based not-for-profits. Opens 16 Aug. Children and young people aged 18 years and under experiencing disadvantage through: Illness, distress, abuse or neglect, Any kind of disability, Behavioural or psychological difficulties and living in poverty or situations of deprivation.

Focus Foundation - support UK-based charities and social enterprises to make a positive and lasting change to people’s lives. Vulnerable Children & Young People who are socially or economically disadvantaged, Mental Health Charities & Initiatives and Charitable or Community.   Projects, local to one of Focus Group’s regional offices. 

Ormiston Families - Community services for isolated and vulnerable children, young people and families; Children and families affected by imprisonment; Emotional well-being of children and young people and Gypsy and Traveller communities.

Leus Family Foundation - Health and wellbeing, cultural awareness and sport for children and young people.

Pixel Fund - Up to £5,000 for UK charities promoting mental health and wellbeing in children and young people. Priority to charities with income under £10m pa.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Funding - Small Charities & Community Projects

Bank of Scotland Foundation – Reach - Charities with income under £1.5m, to reach the most vulnerable across Scotland. Disadvantage; Examples include charities addressing primary disadvantage such as homelessness, abuse, mental health or poverty, or secondary disadvantage such as debt issues, learning disabilities, illiteracy, lack of employability skills or health issues. Social Exclusion: Examples include exclusionary challenges for minorities, people with disabilities, LGBT people, drug users, institutional care leavers, the elderly or the young.

Chapman Charitable Trust - Promote physical and mental wellbeing, conserve our natural environment, and increase the accessibility of the arts. Most grants £1000 or £2000. Apr 21. Funds registered UK national charities. Will also fund local charities, in North Wales and SE England.

Les Mills Fund For Children - Registered charities and accountable non-profit organisations who we believe will do their most to improve the education and physical and emotional wellbeing of children aged 0-16. Living in poverty, Physical and mental health problems, Health and wellbeing and living with disability. Grants up to £1000. Funding deadlines are every 4 months.

DWF Foundation - Provides funds, resources and support to help communities achieve their full potential. Registered charities; Homelessness, Health and wellbeing, Employability, Education, Environment and Sustainability. Up to £5k.

Percy Bilton Charity - organisations and individuals in need throughout the U.K. Charities assisting disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities, people with mental health problems and older people may apply for grants towards furnishings and equipment (excluding office items), building or refurbishment projects. Majority of grants £2,000 to £5,000.

Postcode Communities Trust - To support smaller charities and good causes in Wales. Improving mental wellbeing, community participation in the arts, poverty, marginalised groups and promoting equality, biodiversity & green spaces, participation in physical activity, the climate emergency & promoting sustainability and community access to outdoor space. Note: funded by a lottery. Most grants up to £2k, some up to £20k. Funds CICs.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Funding For Churches & Faith Groups

Anchor Foundation - Registered Christian charities who are working to address social exclusion with a particular interest in charities working within healing and the arts.  Will fund capital, butrarely buildings. From £500 to £10,000. Applications are considered twice yearly - applications by 31 Jan and 31 Jul.

Benefact Trust – Brighter Lives – Running throughout 2022 aimed at Christian organisations to respond to the long-term impact throughout society of Covid-19 on people’s mental health – whatever their faith, or none. Project, revenue (staffing) and capital costs supported, but not running costs. Do not apply for a set amount of funding – see FAQs on website.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Funding - Women

Pilgrim Trust – Young Women & Mental Health - £5m programme over the next 5-years (2021-2026) that aims to improve the mental health of young women (16-25) in the UK, by supporting access for young women to high quality, age and gender informed mental health services. For our pilot first year, the focus is on registered charities with an annual income of between £100,000 to £500,000 working in Greater Manchester or Northern Ireland. Three-year funding of between £60,000 to £90,000 is available. No deadline.

Project Funding - Older People

McCarthy & Stone Community Grant - grants, volunteers, and project support to charities and organisations who support the health and wellbeing of older people.

Barchester’s Charitable Foundation - helps older people and adults with a disability or a mental health problem. Their focus is about connecting or re-connecting people with others in their local community, and they support applications that combat loneliness and enable people to be active and engaged e.g. activities to support wellbeing. It helps small community groups and small charities (from England, Scotland and Wales) with donations of up to £5k for activities, outings, equipment and materials for service users.

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