Charity Funders - New Grant Making Trusts & Foundations 2020

Charity Funders - New UK charity funders & grant making trusts & foundations list; Jan - end Jun 2020. For the 236 newly registered grant makers England & Wales in July and August 2020, download these from the Income questionnaire. These are 2 of the 50 funder lists in the income questionnaire. Everything is free.

Lots More Funder Lists Here

This is just one of 50 funder lists and 100+ free funding finders, plus the CEF's COVID Funder Database - here's the full list. Everything is free. 

And, because I'm Scottish, here are the Newly Registered Grant Makers Scotland and Newly Registered Grant Makers Northern Ireland.

The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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