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The free, easy to use Charity Excellence Framework, enables you to health check your fundraising in 30 mins to improve fundraising effectiveness and find more funders.

This includes identifying fundraising ideas and opportunities, with access to the only comprehensive UK COVID19 funder database, 20+ funder lists, 100+ free funding finders, and fundraising tools and guides. Secure more charity funding and grants, and use its funder assurance data to support your fundraising bids.

‘The funding problem is broken down into logical problem areas that can be clearly seen, identified, in the organisation and acted upon’. Takeover Radio Children's Media Trust

The CEF COVID19 Funder database is the only comprehensive UK resource of emergency funders, with links to 30+ funders lists and databases, enabling you to click through to 1000s of funder websites.

The income questionnaire includes downloads for 100+ free UK and international funding finders.

And also 20+ charity funder lists for trusts and foundations, with hyperlinks to click through to funder websites. The largest has 200+ funders. These include, Companies, Core Costs, Crisis & Growth, Disability, Education, Health, Individuals & Families, IT Funders, Older People, Small Charities, Social Enterprises, Social Welfare, Supermarkets, Unregistered Charities, Women & Girls and Young People.

The CEF Income questionnaire has 2 free funding finder downloads, the UK and international, with a total of 100+ free funding finders and guides on how to use UK and US Government databases to find funders. The fundraising website download has links to 70+ fundraising platforms.

Or follow your favourite funders. Here are some of the big ones - @BigLotteryFund, @esmeefairbairn, @LBFEW, @comicrelief, @GarfieldWFdn, @BBCCiN, @wolfsonfdn, @SRausingTrust, @phf_uk, @thetudortrust, @RankFoundation.

The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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