List Of UK Foundation Grants For Disability Charities, Projects & Disabled People

A list of UK foundation grants for disability projects and funding for charities and, disabled people, including for adults and children, physical & learning disability, equipment and building accessibility.

UK Foundation Grant Funding For Disability Projects & Charities

Charitable foundation grants for disability projects and charities, including access and learning disability. For disabled people, use the AI bunny to find grants, laptops and other help (see below).

For all the grants for disability projects and charities, download the full foundation funding list from the Income questionnaire, or search Funding Finder using the disability category.  Use Help Finder to find lots of free fundraising support and also companies that make product/financial donations. There's also a fundraising online health check, with 60+downloadable funder lists.

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Charity Grants For Disabled People - Adults & Children

Charity Excellence primarily supports charities to find funding, help and resources but the AI bunny helps people, adults and children to find charity foundation grants, help and other support.  Click the icon in the bottom right of your screen and tell it what you want, using short questions, such as 'I want a grant'.  You can also ask more questions including key words, such as 'disabled', 'grant' or 'laptop'.  It will connect you to other providers to help you.

UK Foundation Grants - Core Funding For Disability Charities

Bailey Thomas Charitable Fund Core Funding - to assist with the care and relief of those affected by learning disability in the UK. Funding for both specific projects and general running and core costs. Will fund buildings and equipment.
Edward Gosling Foundation UK Core Funder - charities that support people of all ages living on low incomes who have a physical and/or mental disability or long-term illness. Two programmes. Small Grants - charities with income of under £3m pa; up to £5k. Any grant awards made under this programme are unrestricted. Capital Grants - charities with income of £5m pa or less for a grant in excess of £5k.
February Foundation UK Core Funder - physical or mental disability, hospices, the environment, small or minority charities, those which will have a long-term beneficial impact, or support those making an effort to improve their lives. Median award £5k. Will fund core and capital costs.
Lionel Wigram Memorial Trust UK Core Funder - charities providing services for blind, deaf and disabled people in the UK. We favour small charities with an income of less than £500,000. Will provide core funding.
Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust - Ann Rylands Core Funding – The Ann Rylands Small Donations programme makes grants of up to £1,500 to support smaller charities across the UK providing support for older people, people with disabilities or others facing difficulties in their lives.
Woodward Charitable Trust Core Funding – core costs, small to medium charities, children, disability, disadvantaged women and families, prisoners, minority groups. Up to £3000, up to 3 years.
YAPP Charitable Trust Core Funding - core costs and existing work, registered charities, with income under £40k pa. Prioritise work that is unattractive to the general public or unpopular with other funders and services that help to improve the lives of marginalised, disadvantaged or isolated people. Priorities: Elderly people, Children and young people, People with physical impairments, learning difficulties or mental health challenges, Social welfare, and Education and learning.

UK Foundation Funding - Equipment And Accessibility Grants For Disability Charities & Projects

Boparan Charitable Trust Small equipment grants for disabled or terminally ill children. Families can complete the application form and a supporting letter from professional (e.g. Social Worker or GP) is also generally required.
Children Today Charitable Trust Disabilities under 25, up to £1,000 for equipment, such as wheelchairs, walking aids, trikes, educational toys, communication aids, lifting and posturepaedic sleep equipment and sensory equipment like fibre optic sprays.
Dan Maskell Tennis Trust UK disabled people to play tennis through the purchase of wheelchairs, tennis equipment and grants for coaching.
Disabled Facilities Grants Government funding for individuals.
Elifar Foundation Specialised equipment for disabled children and young adults, which would otherwise be unavailable.
Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust People who are ill, convalescent or disabled to provide medical, disability and household aids that enable people to manage at home and live as independently as possible. Will provide grants towards respite and convalescent breaks in nursing and convalescent homes and organised specialist breaks for children and young adults are considered.
Lifeline4Kids To provide equipment to help improve the quality of life for children with disabilities and special needs
Mobility Trust Powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters for severely disabled children and adults who cannot obtain them through statutory sources or purchase such equipment themselves.
Positive Bones Grants to empower those with limb difference, by providing grants for specialist equipment, services or prosthetics that enable you to live life, limitlessly. The application grant limit is £5000, but more may be considered.
Peter Harrison Foundation UK registered charities and CASCs running sports projects for people who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged to fulfil their potential and develop personal and life skills. Opportunities through Sport, Special Needs and Care for Children and Young People and Opportunities through Education. Preference for SE England. Will fund capital projects.

UK Foundation Charity Funding - Learning & Physical Disability Grants

Community Foundation Network UK Funding Finder - There are 46 accredited community foundations in the UK, covering all of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and most of England, which support local charities and groups. These are often a good place to start, if you're new to fundraising. There are 46 in total - click the link to find yours.
Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust Registered UK based charities who support people of all ages, who are socially disadvantaged and/or have mental and/or physical disabilities.
Archer Trust UK Christian charity - grants to small charities, usually between £500 and £4,000 and targeted at groups working with people in need, for instance those with physical or mental disabilities or the disadvantaged. Spend £250k pa.
BBC Children In Need - Small Grants Up to £10k for up to 3 years for UK based not-for-profits. Opens 16 Aug. Children and young people aged 18 years and under experiencing disadvantage through: Illness, distress, abuse or neglect, Any kind of disability, Behavioural or psychological difficulties and Living in poverty or situations of deprivation.
Bruce Wake Charitable Trust Leisure activities for the disabled - potential beneficiaries are physically disabled wheelchair users, or improved access for wheelchair users is proposed or a sporting or leisure activity involving disabled wheelchair users is proposed.  Charities, non-profits and individuals.
Douglas Arter Foundation UK registered charities for the benefit of people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities. Spend £125k pa.
David Solomons Charitable Trust Registered UK charities providing services or other benefits for people with learning disabilities. Spend £100k pa.
Oliver Ford Foundation UK charitable organisations supporting and educating people with learning disabilities. Spend £190k.

Learning & Physical Disability Grant Funding Cont'd

De Brye Charitable Trust Charitable organisations that provide care and housing for the aged, orphans and neglected children or aid physically disabled children and the blind. Spend £140k.
Beatrice Laing Trust One of 4 Laing Family Trusts. Christian emphasis. Funds capital projects. New church building, extension or redevelopment projects, the disadvantaged and vulnerable - the homeless, the elderly, ex-offenders, former Servicemen and women, and those with physical, mental and learning difficulties. Grants typically range between £2,000 and £10,000.
Douglas Arter Foundation UK registered charities for the benefit of people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities. Spend £125k pa.
Les Mills Fund for Children Registered charities and accountable non-profit organisations who we believe will do their most to improve the education and physical and emotional wellbeing of children aged 0-16. Living in poverty, Physical and mental health problems, Health and wellbeing and Living with disability. Grants up to £1000. Funding deadlines are every 4 months.
Hargreaves Foundation Those under the age of 18, and with a mental health condition, disability, or growing up in poverty, the opportunity to fulfil their potential – education and sport. Will fund equipment. No minimum or maximum grant size.
Jill Franklin Trust Typically £500 to £1000, in 4 areas; Self-Help groups to support people with a mental illness or learning difficulties, and their carers, organisations helping and supporting refugees and asylum-seekers coming to or in the UK, restoration of churches of architectural importance, local schemes to help prisoners to resettle, or to desist from crime and bereavement counselling. Preference for small charities and the NE of England.
Gardening With Disabilities Trust To help enable disabled people to start or continue gardening. Funds are awarded to help adapt private gardens, towards paying for tools, raised beds, paving, wheelchair access and greenhouses. They also provide grants towards specially adapted gardens in hospitals, centres and schools, and offer information on garden aids and techniques.
Happy Days Children's Charity Days out and respite breaks for children with learning difficulties, physical or mental disabilities, acute, chronic or life limiting illnesses, been abused or neglected, witnessed domestic violence, been bereaved or act as carers for a parent or a sibling.

Learning & Physical Disability Grant Funding Cont'd

Margaret Dobson Further Education Trust People with a learning disability after they reach normal school leaving age, to learn skills to help them live more independent lives. Application window 1 Jan to 31 Mar.
Patrick Trust Supports charities who help young people and older people in the West Midlands and Cornwall, with a special interest in disabilities. Some national charities also supported. Average donation £1k.
Richard Overall Trust To advance the physical education of disabled young people so that they can enjoy and progress in their chosen sport. Examples of activities which the Trust has supported in the past include, specialist sports equipment, training, instructors and the use of gymnasiums, track suits or footwear, transport including fares or the hire of a specialist vehicle, or the purchase of tickets to sporting events.
Toy Trust Registered charities undertaking projects to support disadvantaged and disabled children who are under 13 years of age within the UK. Up to £5k
Wheelwrights Fund Open to any UK resident who has had a spinal cord injury within the past five years. You can apply for any equipment or activities to help you stay active, get active, or help you achieve your sporting potential. Most grants made will be in the range of £100 to £1,000.
Will Charitable Trust Registered charities for UK activities: care of and services for blind people; long-term care of people with learning disabilities; and care of and services for people suffering from cancer. Grants vary in amount, but generally fall within the range of £3,000 to £30,000. Will consider core funding. Applications at any time. Deadlines: blind people and learning disabilities 31 Jan and cancer care 31 Aug.
Wooden Spoon Supports children and young people with disabilities or living in disadvantage, including sensory rooms, playground and outdoor activities, health and wellbeing and specialist equipment. Schools, charities and clubs. Unlikely to fund under £5k.

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