Grant Funds For NGOs - World Project Funding Organisations

Grant funds for NGOs - world funding organisations and agencies for international NGOs, including grant funding for projects in Africa. Find more funders using the free Funding Finder directory - categories for International and Africa.

Grant Funds For NGOs - World Project Funding Organisations

This is a list of funds for NGO projects around the world, including grants for Africa, provided by a range of funding organisations and agencies.  You can find far more funds for NGOs and project funding organisations, both international and for a range of regions, including Africa, by using out free Funding Finder grants directory.

World Funding Organisations - Funds For NGO Projects In Africa

Sterry Family Foundation Registered charities for the advancement of education, arts and culture, amateur sports, the promotion of good health and relief for sickness in the UK and Africa. Expenditure £110k
True Colours Trust - Africa The development of palliative care across Africa. Trustees are willing to consider funding for core costs. The size of grants ranges from £500 – £5,000. Will fund equipment and capital costs.
Transport Aid Japan Ltd Provides vehicles for African schools, charities and other not-for-profit organisations.
African Women's Development Fund Both established and small, locally based women’s organisations. Three main areas: Body & Health Rights, Economic Security & Justice and Leadership, Participation & Peace. Particularly, projects working with young women, women facing multiple discrimination, and approaches that include engaging the arts, culture, sports and technology.
Animal Kind International Africa-based organisations to implement high impact projects aimed at improving the lives of domestic animals. Up to 4 grants. No deadline.
Maurice Hatter Foundation Charitable organisations in the UK, particularly projects which support education and social welfare. Spend £1.4m. England, Israel and South Africa.

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A list of grant funds for NGOs, including international, Africa and Asia.  Project funding for international NGOs from the free Funding Finder directory.  Click through to a huge range of NGO international development funding, both UK and world funding organisations, via links to 400+ other free funding directories and online charitable foundation lists.

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NGO Grant Funding - South Africa

Matt Rattana Foundation The design and delivery of initiatives that support community and school’s rugby both nationally and internationally. The charity aims to support local training, exchange experiences and invest in improving equipment and facilities at clubs across the UK, New Zealand and South Africa.
Jim Joel Fund The South African conduit for funding from The Childwick Trust in the UK. Currently supports a number of RTOs working in the early childhood development sector. Applications are open once a year throughout the month of April.
Lord and Lady Lurgan Trust Music and arts education and participation; deafness and other disabilities; the elderly; medical relief including hospice support; medical research. Registered charities in London, Northern Ireland and South Africa. £1000 - £5000.

Funds for NGOs - Sub Saharan, East Africa & Other African Countries

Beit Trust Do not fund “start-ups”. Instead, they support established, independent institutions, particularly schools, hospitals and health centres Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Also, wildlife and environment, welfare and scholarships and bursaries for individuals. Makes grants of £2.5m a year.
Dulverton Trust Core Funding - usually those who have previously received a grant. UK registered charities working in youth opportunities, general welfare, conservation, preservation, Africa (Kenya and Uganda), and peace and humanitarian support.  Average grant is between £25,000-£35,000 p.a.
Gatsby Charitable Foundation East Africa. - creating jobs, raising incomes, reducing poverty and building opportunities.
Noel Buxton Trust - Africa Tend to offer grants to smaller, grass-roots organisations and for projects based in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, and Sudan. Within these areas, priority will be given to work with communities living in urban slums and semi-arid regions where economic hardship is most extreme. Applications can be made at any time, but it can take up to 6 months. Up to £5k for 3 years.
Headley Trust Will fund sub Saharan Africa - education, healthcare and sanitation.
Maurice and Hilda Laing Charitable Trust One of 4 Laing Family Trusts. Relief of poverty overseas, predominantly through Christian organisations working in the low income countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.

World Project Funding Organisations

Ashworth Charitable Trust Registered charities, with an income under £1m pa, including those working in the developing world. Wide range of causes including the vulnerable, disability, women, the homeless, human rights and young people. Usually up to £3k, sometimes £5k. Trustees hold biannual meetings in May and November.
Corra Foundation Expenditure about £25m pa, but rose to £58m in 2020, to improve the lives of individuals and communities experiencing disadvantage. Primarily focussed on Scotland, but also countries around the world, including Africa and Southern Asia. They run a whole variety of different programmes, including for small community groups and making micro grants - see web page for details.
COSARAF Grants to charities, hardship grants and a Scholars’ Fund to support undergraduate Muslim home students in financial need. Priorities; strong and cohesive communities, young people, and women and girls. UK, Africa and Asia, in particular Kenya and Pakistan.
De La Rue Charitable Trust - Registered charities in the UK and other countries where De La Rue operates for educational projects which promote relevant skills, international understanding and bring relief from suffering. Spend £326k.
Didymus Up to £5k, income under £2m, UK registered charities, in the UK, Africa and Central and South America. Social inclusion, education, the arts, equality and diversity and religious understanding.
Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust Charities benefiting women, girls, young people and families, who are economically deprived and/or socially excluded; Unpopular and neglected causes. Merseyside and national. Also international, but must be sponsored by UK registered charity. Up to £5000.
Hilden Charitable Trust Overseas priorities - developing countries working on community development, education and health. Particularly girls and women. Applications at any time - 3 grant rounds per year.
Manor 2056 Trust Their accounts show they have supported water and sanitation projects in developing countries, along with a few other UK focuses. Income £125k pa.
Freedom Fund Emergency Response Fund to offer partners small-scale funding with short turnaround times and minimal bureaucracy. Vulnerable communities in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Thailand and Brazil.
Fondation Segré UK and international charitable organisations carrying out conservation work, to improve the status of threatened animal species and their habitats in Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. Up to €50,000.
Monster Energy Cares EMEA New grant maker 2021. General Charitable Purposes, Education/training, Health Or Saving Of Lives, Poverty in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Nisa Global Foundation New grant maker 2021. Broad range of charitable purposes for work in England And Wales, Bangladesh, Greece, India, Kenya, Mali, Pakistan, The Gambia.
Mrs L D Rope's Third Charitable Settlement Relief of poverty. Individuals and communities in great need in Suffolk, the UK and the Third World. Spend £1.6m.
Oak Foundation Environment, housing and homelessness, international human rights, women, learning differences and preventing child sexual abuse. Global funder, including India and Zimbabwe.
Prana Foundation Education and health in developing countries, and social entrepreneurs, with a special focus on woman and girls. German foundation.
Rhododendron Trust - Small UK registered charities for social welfare and humanitarian aid projects in England and the developing world as well as some cultural and wildlife projects. Grants £500 to £1500.
Thousand Currents Community-led initiatives in the Global South. Today, we are exchanging grassroots brilliance for lasting and transformative change; women, small farmers, Indigenous Peoples, urban residents, sexual and ethnic minorities, and youth. No deadline.
William Leech Charity Registered charities working in NE England, particularly those active in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Durham. Funding is intended to encourage local and community spirited people to create and sustain interest in voluntary charitable work. Particularly Christian involvement and work in deprived areas. Grants £500 to £5000. The Lady Leech Fund - primarily for the benefit of children and particularly in the Developing World,

NGO Grant Funding - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka

Tata Trusts - India Wide range of programmes, including healthcare, nutrition, WaSH, digital inclusion and transformation, social justice, environment, skill development, disaster relief, sports and individuals.
Blackwood Engineering Trust Advancing education and generally benefiting children and young people where the company operates in the UK, Belgium, India and China: £500 to £2k.
Two Hands Charitable Trust New grant maker 2021. General charitable purposes in England And Wales, Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Kenya, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Syria and Tanzania.
One Nature Commonwealth New grant maker 2021. Environment/conservation/heritage, Economic/community Development/employment in India and Sri Lanka.
Dream International Foundation New grant maker 2021. Education/training, The Advancement Of Health Or Saving Of Lives and Disability in India.
Action For Sustainable Communities Foundation New grant maker 2021. Brings funding and logistical support to grass-roots community-based projects to enable development in a holistic and sustainable way. England And Wales, France, Malawi and Sri Lanka.
Al Falah Society New grant maker 2021. Disability, Poverty in Pakistan.
Earn N Live New grant maker 2021. Disabilities in Bangladesh and the UK: working for the prevention or relief of poverty; assisting in the treatment and care of persons suffering from mental or physical illness and advancing the education of the general public regarding the treatment of mental or physical illness.
Fidelity Asia Pacific Foundation Primary focus of supporting charitable organisations in the Asia Pacific region. Its objective is to strengthen the long-term effectiveness of charitable organisations.
Mistoria Group Foundation New grant maker 2021. Financially support a range of community projects both in the UK and internationally, particularly Sri Lanka.
Dr Meena Sharma Memorial Foundation Disadvantaged women in India and UK, and collaborations helping women and children in India. Individuals, not organisations. Apply to MSM Foundation, 14 Magdalene Road, Walsall, WS1 3TA.

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