UK Grants For Ukrainian Charities Supporting Refugees

UK charitable trust funding and grants for Ukrainian charities supporting refugees.

Charity Grants For Ukraine And Ukrainian Refugees In The UK

This is the a list of UK charity grants for Ukraine, in order of annual spend.

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UK Charity Grants For The Ukraine & Ukrainian Refugees

1026588 MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES (UK) 2074046600 £69,386,612 To relieve and promote the relief of sickness and to provide medical aid to the injured and to protect and preserve good health by the provision of medical supplies, personnel and procedures calculated to overcome disease, injury or malnutrition in any part of the world
1153376 NPT Transatlantic Limited 8001337540 £44,857,975 Make grants to Registered Charities concerned with the advancement of such exclusively charitable objects as the Trustees shall from time to time determine.
288180 HELPAGE INTERNATIONAL 2071487692 £20,679,000 We work with our partners to ensure that people everywhere understand how much older people contribute to society and that they must enjoy their right to healthcare, social services and economic and physical security.
1177110 ELRHA 2921052546 £13,513,054 OUR VISION: A world equipped to mitigate the impact of humanitarian crises.
OUR MISSION: To improve humanitarian outcomes through partnership, research and innovation.
1148404 INTERNEWS EUROPE 2075663300 £12,894,031 Specialising in supporting independent media, freedom of information and free expression around the globe. The vast majority of our programmes are targeted at crisis-hit populations, emerging democracies and some of the worlds poorest countries.
281936 THE I T F SEAFARERS TRUST 020 7403 2733 £9,148,888 Provide or assist in providing for the welfare of maritime workers of all nations, and assisting them and their dependents in conditions of sickness, hardship and distress
290767 THE CENTRAL BRITISH FUND FOR WORLD JEWISH RELIEF 2087361250 £7,166,939 We tackle Jewish poverty and reach beyond our community. We create opportunities for those out of work to become self-reliant, we bring dignity to the elderly, assistance to refugees and we respond to international disasters.
1166112 THE BLOOM FOUNDATION 0203 014 9861 £4,493,903 Looks to find financially and operationally efficient and effective ways to address social issues and help people help themselves. The trustees look to support measurable and
evidence-based models that promote tolerance, equality, and collaboration with other stakeholders.
1151993 TIKVA UK 2082099100 £3,760,466 To care for the homeless, abandoned and abused Jewish children of Ukraine and neighbouring regions of the former Soviet Union. Tikva provides support to the growing Jewish community of Odessa.
1148427 THE GLOBAL FUND FOR FORGOTTEN PEOPLE, ORDER OF MALTA 1844318708 £2,625,040 Grants to projects which reach out directly to people who would otherwise be forgotten, and raises awareness of and support for issues that have fallen under the radar of public concern.
1159995 FASHION FOR RELIEF 2070962041 £1,888,218 To help prevent poverty, sickness and distress, to advance education and training and improvements in conditions of life.
1045231 THE STEINBERG FAMILY CHARITABLE TRUST 1619038854 £1,603,993 Making grants to various organisations for general charitable purposes
1150242 CATALYST NETWORK OF CHURCHES 2476225928 £1,077,048 Advance the Christian faith and provide assistance for persons in need, hardship or distress.
1011513 CARE AND RELIEF FOR THE YOUNG 1489788300 £1,072,355 To meet the practical needs of the most vulnerable and marginalised children, to help them grow up in safety, and with the support and resources they need to survive and thrive.  Our projects focus on Education, Healthcare & Nutrition and more.
273298 THE ALICE ELLEN COOPER-DEAN CHARITABLE FOUNDATION 1305251333 £1,040,695 The Foundation has made overseas grants to advance education,relieve poverty,sickness,and suffering some of which have been caused by conflict and disasters.
225870 SIR HAROLD HOOD'S CHARITABLE TRUST 020 7969 5500 £927,169 For such Roman Catholic charitable purposes as the trustees shall, in their absolute discretion and from time to time, think fit.
1058068 EBENEZER AID FUND 1202294455 £558,594 Distribution of Humanitarian Aid to poor and needy Jewish people mainly in the Former Soviet Union
1071844 THE RORY PECK TRUST 2032197860 £526,150 The principal objectives of the Trust are to support freelance newsgatherers and their families worldwide in times of need, and to promote their welfare and safety.
1087997 THE STARS FOUNDATION 020 3375 7000 £431,454 To transform the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and their communities globally. In all our work, we seek to champion and amplify the efforts of those working on the front line in the fight against poverty.
1168500 THE STUART HINE TRUST CIO 1323843948 / £400,983 Ensures that funds are used for charitable purposes only.
1160869 EDUCATE A CHILD - INTERNATIONAL 2075517607 £384,484 Any purpose which is exclusively charitable including the advancement of education and the relief of poverty.
281099 CHILDAID TO EASTERN EUROPE 2084606046 £374,482 Transforms lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. In collaboration with local partners, improve life quality for the abused, abandoned and neglected from extremely poor families, orphans and disabled children.
1150755 THE MILES MORLAND FOUNDATION 2073495030 £342,642 General charitable purposes and will operate as a grant making charity, supporting charitable projects, organisations and individuals.
The trustees may use the income and the capital of the Foundation in promoting the objectives.
327396 SILOAM CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES LIMITED 1926335037 £303,671 To use medical aid, education, social and other relief as an expression of God's love to have a positive effect upon individuals who have become homeless, dispossessed of their possessions or opportunities of employment through natural causes or war.
1162522 THE CARMELA & RONNIE PIGNATELLI FOUNDATION 2076808100 £232,583 To support any Charities and promote any Charitable Purposes for the benefit of the general public.
518346 NORTHGATE CHURCH TRUST 01244 394670 £161,066 Community Activities
Conducting Meetings & Services
Youth Work
Elderly Work
Relief work UK & Overseas
Working with other Christian Organisations
1058661 ACTION INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES (UK) 1516302451 £132,947 Action is a human resourcing organisation, both in the UK and internationally, engaged in religious activities, education and training and community social support and development programmes.
326748 THE BARNABAS CHARITABLE TRUST 1865425644 £131,277 Benefits to persons in necessitous circumstances who are not in paid employment and who are, or have been engaged in fulltime Christian work and for the advancement of the Christian religion.
1060001 NEW FRONTIERS INTERNATIONAL TRUST LIMITED 2086904646 £131,000 To advance the Christian faith and to provide assistance for persons in conditions of need, hardship or distress.
1170337 THE BAILEY GATEWAY TRUST 2072285000 £124,732 Charitable purposes, especially to relieve suffering and to promote spiritual wellbeing including human rights, racial harmony, equality or diversity in the United Kingdom or overseas.
227600 POLISH WOMEN'S BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION LIMITED 2085631893 £117,960 The provision of monetary assistance for basic necessities to people of Polish origin in Poland, Eastern Europe and the UK .Financial support for students, schools and institutions through sponsorship.
1160443 RAYS OF HOPE 7711128248 £85,132 Activities and projects which help in the prevention and/or relief of poverty - empowerment through education, empowerment through training, healthcare projects and support and empower people to be self-sufficient.
1095844 MATTHEW TWENTYFIVE FORTY TRUST 1323765091 £82,844 No change to our established activities.
1160510 JEREMY ALEXANDER SETTLEMENT 1243512757 £82,703 The relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage
292436 BOURNEMOUTH WESTMINSTER CHARITABLE TRUST 1243263966 £81,697 In furtherance of its Christian objectives the trust provides a variety of grants for personal, practical, church, educational & humanitarian purposes.
1125989 EPAPHRAS TRUST 1179146780 £81,443 Providing training to Pastors and Leaders in India, Nepal, Ukraine and Kenya, grants for personal hygiene products, relief of poverty, care of orphans, primarily in Kenya, educational support and materials.
1061221 THE UKRAINE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES TRUST 7915176759 £64,851 The Christian religion or the material assistance of the poor or the advacnement of education in The Ukraine, by conducting seminars with local pastors and assisting them with church planting and mission work, and the provison of relief supplies to those in need.
1011086 THE BEARR TRUST 2079227849 £62,878 To help children and other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  To help small civil society organisations (CSOs) working in health and social welfare.
1157036 THE CHALCOT FOUNDATION 1227454627 £55,000 Grants to individuals and organisations for the benefit of the public and other charities or voluntary bodies
1079684 JUST TRUST £54,511 All approaches for possible funding must be made through our website. The produce lasting change, particularly through small-scale self-help initiatives, to some of the poorest sections of society. We also have concern for the victims of violence and for the promotion of peace.
1178329 THE MCBAIN FAMILY FOUNDATION 2030403482 £52,090 The trustees make grants to relieve poverty or to promote education anywhere in the world.
1146842 THE JIMMY CHOO FOUNDATION 2073685000 £50,023 To further any charitable purpose for the public benefit of women and others worldwide who are in need.
801096 THE JEWISH AID COMMITTEE 2083434156 £47,320 To relieve persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress, and to assist children throughout the world without consideration of race or colour.

Donate To Support Ukraine

The Ukrainian's need our help, but no doubt the scammers will soon be out in force.  UK Fundraising in collaboration with others has created a list of organisations providing support and seeking donations. Or consider donating to the DEC Ukraine Appeal.

Please donate.  I have.

Create A Fundraising Campaign For Ukraine

If you're planning to create a fundraising campaign to support Ukraine, here's a toolbox of crisis fundraising articles, resources and case studies from SOFII.

Charity Operations In The Ukraine

If you're one of the brilliant charities operating on the ground in the Ukraine, you may wish to be aware of  They provide non-profits with pro bono human safety and security advice and have previously worked there.

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