Charity Help Finder - Free Stuff for Charities, Raffles, Events, Company Donations

Charity Help Finder - free stuff for charities, including UK companies that donate, raffle prizes, donations for events and other freebies - 900+ providers

Help Finder - Free Stuff and Charity Raffle Prize Donations

Charity Help Finder finds free stuff for charities, including UK companies that donate, freebies for raffle prizes and donations for charity events.  With 1000+ providers and 23 search categories, the free Help Finder can find almost anything for free, including companies that donate, charity raffle prizes and donations for events.  But it does much more than just company donations.  It also finds fundraising and marketing support, free laptops and computers, office and event spaces, office furniture, mentoring and consultancy, gift match and training and lots more. Here's the demo video (2 mins) and our guide to raffle prize donations.

It's 1 of 3 finder directories and huge range support we've created to support charities finding the funding and help they need.  Funding Finder and Data Finder, plus 100+downloadable funder lists, 40 policies and 8 online health checks.

Quick, simple and very effective.

Find Funding, Free Help & Resources - Everything Is Free.

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I sat and trawled through Help Finder for a couple of hours yesterday and got offers last night and this morning.  Almost £800 in goods "in kind" for a garden project we had been struggling to fundraise for. We have another £500 from the Builder Depot post. Ross, Emmaus


Help Finder makes it quick and simple to find the free support your charity needs, including lots of companies that donate, and charities that provide support.

Company Donations, Sponsorship and Volunteers

I've uploaded lots of companies that make charitable donations and offer charity sponsorship, as well as donating raffle prizes.  Quite a few have 100s of UK outlets you can approach and, for many, you just have to complete the online form or send an e mail.

Besides financial donations, many companies and businesses also donate commercial products/services to charities, either free or at a huge discount. Everything from software (such as Microsoft 365) to free use of their events spaces.  Others provide pro bono volunteering, such as legal and property, as well as volunteers for fundraising or specialist support you couldn't afford to pay for.

Use the Donations - Funding, Donated Products & Equipment and Volunteering categories to find help for your charity.


Help Finder doesn't just find corporate charitable donations and volunteering, but lots more and it's very easy to use.

Charity Location - Making Sure You Find The Largest Number Of Companies

The first step is to set the geographical parameters you want.  The system can search Internationally, UK Wide, for each UK country, major cities and, for England, counties.  Select all the geographical settings relevant to your charity to maximise the number of providers it finds for you.

Search Categories - Finding Donations, Help, & Support

There are 23 search categories.  There is also a Key Word search option to find specific support.  For Raffle prizes - use Donated Items & Equipment.  For companies that make donations - use the search categories in bold below.  Tech and IT use those in is in italics.

Accounting & Finance
Charity of the Year
Consultancy & Mentoring Imagery & Photos Property & Venues
Data & Data Protection Match Funding Safeguarding & H&SW
Donated Items & Equipment Laptops & Hardware Social Media, Websites & Apps
Donations - Funding Legal, HR & Compliance Software & IT Support
Food Marketing & Communications Support Bodies & Regulators
Fundraising Support Media, PR & Campaigning Training Courses
Furniture Minoritised Groups Volunteering

Data/broadband and phones are included in Laptops & Hardware.

Minoritised Groups is support specifically for those groups we prioritise - the disability, BAME and LGBTQI+ communities, food banks, and homelessness and women's groups.

Donations and Support for Specific Charity Sectors

You can use the Key Word search box to find charities and companies that donate and provide other support for charities.  Here's a list for women's charities, where I used the search term 'women'.  Organisations may use different terminology, so try several search terms.  For example, not only environment and environmental but maybe also maybe more specific terms relevant to you, such as climate change or conservation.

Refining Your Help Finder Search Results

You can refine your search results to make sure you find exactly what you want.

  • Type of Service - Advice, Pro Bono Support and/or or Free Goods & Services.
  • Cost - some non profits have to charge a small fee and some corporates offer substantial discounts on their products, so you can refine your search by selecting Free, Low Cost, Discounted and/or Standard Price.

Tax Relief On Company Donations To Charity

When asking for donations from companies, make sure they are aware that UK limited companies and businesses pay less Corporation Tax when they give charitable donations to charity:

Companies can claim tax relief by deducting the value of their donations from their total business profits before they pay tax.

Add Your Charity Or Company Details To Help Finder

If you provide support to help charities, you can have your details added. For charities and non profits, all we ask is that you add a Charity Excellence link to your website, to help us help even more non profits.

We will also add commercial companies, but unless your product/service is genuinely completely free and of value to charities, you'll be required to make a financial donation to help us deliver more support to charities.  We do not include 'free, not free' offers or minor discounts.

To have your organisation added, contact us using

Thank You To Access Group NFP For Their Donation

And a huge thank you to Access Group Non Profits who stepped forward to make launching Help Finder possible by donating the funding to build it. Their charity software includes digital advertisingwebsitesCRM and payment processing solutionsand allows each solution to operate on its own, or as connected part of the full suite.  And in addition to making Help Finder possible, they'll also be helping us by using their fundraising expertise to deliver a series of free fundraising webinars.

Find Funding & Support For Charities

A registered charity ourselves, we provide 8 online health checks, the huge information hub, Quality Mark and 2 other online directories.

  • Funding Finder - click through to more funders than any other grants directory, categories for Crisis Funding, Core Funding and Small Charities & Community Groups and 60+ downloadable grant lists.
  • Data Finder - data for funding bids, fundraising research, impact reporting, planning and campaigning.

Quick, simple and very effective. Nearly half our ratings are 10/10.

Find Funding, Free Help & Resources - Everything Is Free.

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To access help and resources on anything to do with running a charity, including funding, click the AI Bunny icon in the bottom right of your screen and ask it short questions, including key words.  Register, then login and the in-system AI Bunny is able to write funding bids and download 30+ charity policy templates as well.

Keep Yourself Safe Online

Inevitably, there are a lot of scams, offensive material and misinformation on the Internet and some companies' free offers aren't. We carry out checks as best we can, but our system links charities not only to help but also websites with online lists of links and other databases.  This gives you access to an enormous range of funding, resources and help but no organisation, let alone a volunteer run charity, could potentially check and validate everything. 

Consequently, in using our system you accept that we cannot take any responsibility for 3rd party content or links and you agree that you will carry out all reasonable checks to keep yourself safe.  If any 'free offer' requires you to enter your credit card details, it isn't free and here are 10 tips on how to stay safe online. 

In the event you ever come across something that concerns you, please inform us immediately -

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We are very grateful to the organisations below for the funding and pro bono support they generously provide.

With 40,000 members, growing by 2000 a month, we are the largest and fastest growing UK charity community. How We Help Charities

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