Charity Social Media Fundraising

Using social media for charity fundraising - Facebook, and Other Platforms

How To Use Social Media For Charity Fundraising

Here's how to use social media for fundraisingturn your social media likes into donations, the best social media platforms for fundraising, how to create content for digital fundraising and 7 tips on how to leverage social media for charity fundraising.

Video can work really well.  Here are top tips for video fundraising on a shoestring.

Charity Fundraising On Facebook

Here is introductory guidance on making the most of Facebook.  For fundraising, here's how to use it to run virtual events using Facebook groups, birthday fundraising and how to maximise donate button posts.

Social Media Fundraising Using Instagram, TikTok And Other Platforms

Here are other common social media platforms, with advice on how to make the most of each:

How To Grow Your Charity Social Media Following Faster

Growing your charity social medial following does take time, but will pay you back.  Here are a couple of ideas, on how to to do that more quickly:

  • Most counties, cities, towns and villages have one (or more) Face Book groups.  There may also be groups for specific issues that are used by people who are interested in your work, such as sport, or gardening.
    • Join these and you have a ready made and, potentially large, audience.
    • This can be useful to raise your profile, gain new followers, promote events and recruit volunteers, not just for fundraising.
  • Find some volunteers to be your 'digital champions'.
    • All they have to do is follow you on social media, like and comment on your posts, and share these with their own followers.

Find Charity Social Media Volunteers To Help You

Making the time is one of the biggest barriers to volunteering. Micro-volunteering offers volunteers the opportunity to under-take bite size activities, often from home, or online, in a way that also works for the cause they support. It can be an excellent opportunity to recruit and manage volunteers, particularly for social media.  This Charity Excellence resource explains what it is and how to do it well.

There are a number of organisations who will advertise your volunteering roles for free.  Use the Help Finder search category for Volunteering.

Develop Your Social Media Skills

For digital skills, from basic to advanced, try these free, online digital skills courses from Accenture. Or, Google offer a range of free online courses, from data tech, to digital marketing and career development, some with certification, or there's their Analytics Academy. Or the Hub Spot Academy.  These courses are all free.

A Free One Stop Shop for Everything Your Charity Needs

A registered charity ourselves, we provide 8 online health checks, the huge information hub, Quality Mark and 3 online directories.

  • Funding Finder - click through to more funders than any other grants directory, categories for Core Funding and Small Charities & Community Groups and 60+ downloadable grant lists.
  • Help Finder – find advice, pro bono social media support and free services and products, including companies that make financial donations.
  • Data Finder - finds data for funding bids, fundraising research, impact reporting, planning and campaigning.
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