Company Grants for Women and Funding for Women's Projects

A list of companies that make grants for women and provide funding for women's projects and charities in the UK and globally.

Company Grants for Women and Funding for Women's Projects

A list of companies from our Help Finder directory that make grants for women and provide funding for women's projects and charities in the UK and globally.  This was created by running a search for women in the Key Word search box.  I've included other support and grants for women and girls below the list of companies that make grants.

List of Grants for Women

Grant Maker Funding Details Countries UK Locations
Godiva Chocolate The Lady Godiva Initiative - each year they select a group of global charities for women that are working to empower them. Each charity is given a grant and other support. International Warwickshire
Jet Blue A low-cost US airline. In the UK, their office is at Heathrow. They seem to genuinely do quite bit, including donating books and staff volunteering and donations. Their areas of focus are Youth & Education, the Environment and Community. They also have a Foundation to support and advance STEM and aviation education and careers, particularly, in communities historically underrepresented, such as women. International London
L’Occitane en Provence Beauty and skincare products. Their foundation funding targets 6 key areas, including empowering women. They make about 20 grants a year globally. International
Tenants Have partnered with 3 community football teams from across Scotland. They support refugees, food banks and women and non-binary people playing football. Tennent’s created a bespoke Christmas jumper-themed shirt for each team which were sold with all funding raised going to charities. The charities have been picked by each of the teams and included UBUNTU Women’s Shelter. Scotland
SAS International (UK Offices) STEM education but, in the UK, they have provided grant funding for a range of charities, such as a food bank and a women's group. The UK website doesn't have a charity page - it seems to be staff challenge and fundraising events. Their UK head office is in Reading (Berks), with sites in the West Midlands, Mid-Glamorgan and Ayrshire. Office locator. Scotland, Wales West Midlands, Berkshire
Amazon - Support for Women & Girls Amazon has several programmes designed to empower and support women and girls in the UK, mainly around education and, particularly, STEM. UK
Bicester Village The founding member of 11 global shopping destinations, selling fashion and lifestyle brands.  They support women and children's organisations by working with 10 partner charities in both their local communities and around the world. UK, International Oxfordshire
Clinique Support women and girls' education and health through their partnerships with about 9 charities globally. Not one if your looking for a donation but, if you're looking to create corporate partnerships, it may be worth looking at. UK, International
Sodexo A global company, in the UK & Ireland, they work with national and local charities to donate time, skills and money to tackle food insecurity and its root causes, and help empower women. Their volunteering policy gives three paid volunteering days each year. Office locations. UK, International London, Glasgow, Dublin, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Herts, Bucks, Yorkshire, Manchester
Sweaty Betty To empower women and girls to get active, and stay active.  London office, they support schools, grassroots organisations and online. Annual spend about £600k. They don't have an open grants programme, but fund strategic partners in the UK and US. UK, International
World of Books Focus on supporting charities that work with disadvantaged groups who find it hard to access books, including women’s refuges, as well as those who support creative writing in such settings. Initially, will focus on charities close to their locations in Coventry and Goring-on-Sea. West Midlands, Sussex

Far More Grant Funding for Women's Charities and Projects

To search for grants for women's charities, register, then login and use the Women & Girls search category in the Funding Finder grants directory.  As at March 2024, we had 125 grant makers globally.

Charities That Donate Goods to Women's Organisations and Projects

Here are some more entries from Help Finder, this time support for great women's charities. A UK based charity, they work globally, including the UK and in disaster relief to support NGO projects that connect students, refugees, women and underserved communities by providing phones, chargers, SIM Cards and telecommunications supplies. UK,International
The Bridge A women's wellbeing charity in Southwark. they have a cafe, meeting rooms, private event spaces, a women-only gym and range of health, fitness, and wellbeing facilities for hire. London
Power of Pads A charity working with women’s community groups, other charities and partners in Kenya to provide start up funding for period pad making projects and/or businesses. International
Hey Girls Provides period products locally and across the UK to community partners - grassroot organisations or charities. They have almost 300 UK wide, including youth groups, women’s centres, food banks, outreach services and homeless shelters. UK Edinburgh

More Support For Women and Girls Charities

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We are very grateful to the organisations below for the funding and pro bono support they generously provide.

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