Grants for Women and Funding for Women's Projects and Organisations

A list of global and UK grants for women and funding for women's projects and organisations.  Find far more with the free Funding Finder grant directory

Grants For Women and Funding for Women's Projects and Organisations

This is a selection of global and UK grants for women and funding for women's projects and organisations.  You can find more grants for women by downloading the full list from our income questionnaire or running a search in the Funding Finder grants directory, using the Women and Girls search category.  Below you will find a list of grant makers grouped by geographic location. We have UK Wide, UK Countries and Regions/Counties, Africa, Asia, Global, Turkey, and the US.

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UK Grant Funding for Women's Projects

Active Women & Girls Foundation To fund and promote a more active lifestyle for women and girls of all ages, particularly women and girls from disadvantaged communities, including those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and the LGBTQ+ community.
Allen Lane Foundation Asylum-seekers and refugees, LGBTQI+, Gypsies and Travellers, Migrant workers, Offenders and ex-offenders, older people, mental health problems and violence/abuse.  Also supports groups that are not charities.
Ashworth Charitable Trust Registered charities, with an income under £1m pa, including those working in the developing world. Wide range of causes including the vulnerable, disability, women, the homeless, human rights and young people. Usually up to £3k, sometimes £5k. Trustees hold biannual meetings in May and November.
Clothworkers Foundation Domestic and sexual violence projects for women and girls.

UK Countries and Regions/Counties Project Funding for Women

Women's Fund for Scotland Grassroots funding to women and girls projects and is often the sole supporter.
Yorkshire Ladies' Council of Education Awards Fund Between £100 and £500 for women in British educational institutions to be paid directly towards their fees.
John Moores Foundation Local community groups/projects in disadvantaged areas; projects run by and for people from BAME ethnic communities, including travellers and migrant workers; refugees, women, young people, homeless people and disabled people. Groups must be led by the people who will directly benefit from the work. Mainly Merseyside. Will fund running cost and equipment.
Womens Holiday Fund Recuperative holidays for women and girls in Greater London.

Grant Funding for Women's Projects and Organisations in Africa

Peak Proposals Funding Sources Links to foundation project funding, scroll down to the bottom of the page for women and girls.
Urgent Action Fund Africa  Rapid response funding for women’s rights organisations, women's human rights defenders and activists who identify strategic and time sensitive opportunities to advance women's rights in Africa.
African Women’s Development Fund Both established and small, locally based women’s organisations. They also provide specialised project funding to facilitate educational and networking opportunities.
Fondation L’OCCITANE To protect people's eyesight, promoting female leadership in Burkina Faso and initiatives that aim to conserve biodiversity.

Asia Project Funding Grants for Women and Girls

Asia Foundation  Expanding women’s economic opportunities, increasing women’s rights and security, and advancing women’s political participation.
Her Fund Capacity building for rights-based grassroots’ / marginalized women-led groups / projects; Young women’s empowerment projects; Projects that advance women’s rights in emerging gender phenomenon / issue.
Hoshyar's Foundation  Works to increase women and girls' projects to access education, especially beyond primary school and primarily in remote communities in Pakistan.
NGOs India List and links to foundations that support NGOs in India.

Global Grant Funding for Women's Projects

Avon Foundation for Women Scientific, educational and humanitarian work that improves the lives of women and their families.
Coca Cola Foundation Funding for projects empowering women.
COSARAF Charities, hardship grants and a Scholars’ Fund to support undergraduate Muslim home students in financial need.  Priorities; strong and cohesive communities, young people, and women and girls.  UK, Africa and Asia, in particular Kenya and Pakistan.
Together Women Rise Support grassroots international organisations empowering women and girls in extreme poverty; health, education, and economic self-sufficiency in developing countries.

Turkey Grant Funding For Women's Projects

Aydin Dogan Foundation A range of project grants from education to labour to ensure gender equality in society - to empower young women in particular.

US Grants for Women and Girls Projects

Society for Non Profits Long list of US foundations that make grants for women's projects.

Companies That Donate to Women's Projects

Here is our online list of companies that make grants to women's groups and charities.

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