Free Sample Thank You Letter for a Donation

A free, sample thank you letter for a donation, letter of appreciation or short thank you message, plus a ChatGPT donation thank you prompt

Free Sample Thank You Letter for a Donation

A free template and sample thank you letter for a donation to your charity.  Whether you write a letter of appreciation, or just send a short thank you message, your charity saying thanks is really important.  It isn't only the right thing to do - done well, it can significantly impact future donations.

How Do I Write a Thank You Letter for a Donation?

Here are some tips on how to write a thank you letter for a donation. Which and how you might apply these depends on you and your donor but the principles can be applied to any letter of appreciation and even short thank you messages.

  • Do you enjoy receiving 'Dear Valued Customer' messages; me neither.  Always use his or her name.
  • Sending someone a thank you for your birthday gift, 3 months later says a lot, but not in a good way.  Send it promptly.
  • Make it warm and friendly and send it from an individual, not the charity.
  • Write about what matters to them and in a way they would want you to - make it personal to the donor.
  • Donors give, because they want to make a difference.  Talk about what they have done and made possible - 'your donation....', 'because of you..'.
    • If they have donated previously or on an ongoing basis, you might mention this.
  • Don't make an ask but include contact details and make it easy for them to contact you, if they would like to follow-up on your letter.
  • Keep it short and simple, and add personal touches, such as signing it personally or mentioning how much you enjoyed meeting them when....
  • Avoid jargon, but quotes and stories can work well.

Donation Thank You Letter Template

There is no set format for writing a donation thank you letter or message.  Show your appreciation in a way that works for your donor and talk about what's important to them. Here's a very simple letter of appreciation for a donation.

Dear <insert name>,

I wanted to write an thank you personally for your very generous donation of <amount> for <project/activity>.

<Details of what the funding was used for> and <the difference this has made>.

I've enclosed some pictures, I'll write to you again after the event/once the project is complete, I look forward to seeing you again at..., or anything else that is relevant and personalises your letter, note or message. 

If you'd like to know more about the difference your very generous donation has made or even to meet up for a coffee an a chat about this, just let me know.

Best Wishes

Sample AI Prompt Template for a Donation Thank You Letter

If you prefer, copy and paste the template notes above into Chat GPT or other AI system, together with your version of this prompt to create your draft donation thank you letter.

Please write a short, donation thank you letter in UK English from our charity <insert name> to <insert name> for their donation of <amount> for <project activity>, which <the difference this made>.   Include in your draft <anything else that's relevant>.  Use these notes as the basis of your draft letter <insert thank you letter template notes above>.

AI systems often make mistakes, so it is essential that you proof read your donor thank you letter before you send it.

Who Should Say Thank You to a Donor?

Often a donation thank you will be from the person who knows the donor best.  However, for a significant donation, as a CEO I've always signed the thank you letter and often hand written these.  If appropriate, I've also sent a draft e mail to the chair so that he or she can also send a note of thanks. The reason I do is that the CEO's signature at the bottom helps to send the message that the donor is important to us and valued.  But - always make sure that the person who secured the donation gets full credit for having done so.

How Should We Say Thank You for a Charity Donation?

Say thank you to your charity donors in the way they would wish to be.

  • A young or laid-back person may appreciate a more informal approach, or video clips, whereas an older or more senior person may appreciate a proper handwritten letter.
  • I usually look at the way they communicate with me and reciprocate.  If they begin with Dear Ian or Hi Ian, I respond in the same way.

Should We Say Thank You to a Donor Publicly?

Saying thank to a donor personally and public recognition are different. Not all donors wish to have their donation made public but, if they do, it can be an opportunity to also raise your profile and, perhaps, encourage others.  Traditionally, showing your appreciation has often been naming something after the donor, or a plaque, more commonly a thank you in your annual report. However, with the advent of social media, there are now opportunities to be a lot more innovative and it can also be a lot more affordable.  As always, make sure you say thank you for a donation in a way the donor will appreciate.

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