Charity Project Management - Project & Fundraising Event Evaluation Checklist

With fundraising challenging we need to get the most from the management of each project, activity or fundraising event and to maximise the success of our funding bids. This 3 step checklist gives you a simple process to evaluate and compare charity project and event proposals

Charity Project Management Evaluation Checklist

With little funding and limited people, we need to ensure we get the most out of the management of every project, activity or fundraising event.  This simple charity project evaluation checklist gives you the key things you need to think about to ensure your project plans work really well for your charity. 

The Benefits Of Evaluating Charity Project Management & Fundraising Event Plans

Everyone's really busy and it can be easier to just do what we've done before, but using even very simple project management and event evaluation enables you to:

  • Maximise the impact or fundraising suplus.
  • Well planned projects/activities that meet a real need and maximsise impact appela far more to funders.
  • Identify and minmimise any risk. 

You can also use this approach to test a variety of proposals to identify, which ones would work best for your charity.   

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Charity Project Evaluation Step 1 - Impact

Unmet Need. This project responds to a significant and possibly urgent unmet need that neither we nor other organisations are likely to be able to meet without this project.  We are doing this because it needs to be done, not because we (or someone senior) wants it - there are no personal agendas or favouritism. 

Impact.  It focusses our efforts where these will have most impact for our beneficairies or deliver the greatest fundraising surplus we might reasonably achieve. 

Charitable Objectives. It will demonstrably support our charitable aims and business plan objectives.  The benefits will be sufficiently great to justify both the cost and risk.

Opportunity Cost.  It represents the best possible use of resources required - both funding and time. No other activity or project would make better use of these.

Options/Design.  Alternative options have been assessed, and the one chosen is the best.  Its design is the most effective way of delivering the project.  Think widely - in-house delivery, fixed term staff contracts, engaging a contractor, out sourcing, partnership, Joint Venture etc.

Project/Event Plan. There is a robust delivery plan with key milestones and realistic objectives, within an achievable timetable.  Who is leading each aspect is clear and they have committed to the project.

Staff & Volunteers. We have enough staff/volunteers/external support with all the skills needed, or provision for these is funded in the proposal.

Charity Project Evaluation Step 2 - Fundraising And Finance

Budget. Is taut, realistic and includes all relevant costs with clarity on start-up (one-off) and ongoing costs, overheads and multi-year.

Value For Money.  Taking into account the costs, time and risk, the project outcomes make it well worthwhile. 

Fundraising.  We have an adequate funder prospect list or other sources of income available to be able to fully fund the project. 

Charity Project Evaluation Step 3 - Risk, Compliance and Ethics

Risks.  Have been identified and quantified, and appropriate mitigation/avoidance action put in place.  You can use this Charity Excellence resource to assess risk quickly and simply.  If you're planning an event, here's a Charity Excellence event checklist

Legality.  It complies with all relevant legal requirements and organisational policies. 

Due Diligence.  Adequate checks have been carried out.  Including confirming that partners/funders do not hold views or undertake activities that are/could be perceived to conflict with our aims and values. You can use this Charity Excellence due diligence toolkit to do that. 

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The questions are phrased brilliantly - challenging how we prioritise our management time." Ecosystems Knowledge Network

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