Free Online Charity Fundraising Courses - Skills Development And Refresher, As Well As Basic 101 Introduction On How To Fundraise Training

You can pay a lot of money for fundraising training courses, but there is lots of free online training available for everyone. This guide has courses covering skills development and refresher, as well as basic 101 introduction on how to fundraise training.

Free Online Charity Fundraising Training & Courses

Charity Excellence Fundraising Skills Training

You don't need to know anything about fundraising to use the CEF and you'll learn and be given new ideas as you use it.  The income questionnaire will lead you through the fundraising process and connect you to a wide range of resources and people who will help you. Everything is free. 

Here are some Charity Excellence fundraising skills training resources:

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Free Fundraising Help & Training Courses To Develop Your Fundraising Skills

  • The 46 community foundations support charities in their local area by making grants. However, many also offer advice and support with fundraising.  
  • NAVCA supports around 200,000 local voluntary and community organisations every year.  

Here are some organisations that support specific communities.  

  • For Christian Faith groups, the Cinnamon Network supports local churches to set up sustainable social action projects, find funding and get the right support and training. They also offer their own micro grants.
  • For veterans, or serving members of the Armed Forces and their dependents, aiming to start a new business (or charity), Heropreneurs are brilliant.
  • The Always Network supports small UK Muslim charities, including fundraising.
  • Money4You is a black led charity, that supports the BAME community, including low cost fundraising courses.
  • Ubele is an African Diaspora led social enterprise, which helps build more sustainable communities across the UK.
  • For Somali led organisations, the Council Of Somali Organisations.
  • For Social Enterprises, there’s:

Develop Your Fundraising Skills Using Charity Social Media Groups

There are a lot of fundraising groups on social media that you can join to connect with others and find help and advice.

Try the Small Charities Networking & Advice group and, if you work overseas, the Small International Development Charities Network.

There are also more general groups, as well as groups for different types of fundraising and also regional and county level groups.  Here’s the Charity Excellence list of 50+ charity social media groups

You can also connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Face Book for daily posts on funders and fundraising, and/or join my Funding & Fundraising Twitter list. 

Finding Fundraising Volunteers

Most small charities recruit locally, so posters in your local shops, post offices and church/mosque can work well, or short articles in their newsletter.  You might also advertising your volunteer roles in local village/town Face Book groups, which are also useful for promoting your work.

There are also a number of organisation who will advertise your volunteering roles for you. Scroll down to the bottom of the Free Goods & Services page for links to these.

Micro volunteering can also work well.  

Access A Huge Range Of Free Funding & Fundraising Guides, Ideas and Resources

You can find lots more fundraising and other resources on the Charity Excellence Resource Hub, but that's only a fraction of what's available within the system itself and it's all completely free

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