Free UK Charity Webinars

Free UK charity training webinars & workshops - from trustee governance training workshops to courses on finance, fundraising management and more

Free UK Charity Training Webinars

Weekly free charity training webinars and workshops, on a range of issues from trustee governance training workshops to courses on finance, fundraising management and more, or search for charity training courses on our Help Finder directory.  Plus we also have a web page for charity trustee and volunteer training and another for free fundraising training courses.  Scroll down for the links and also see the next section on how to use Help Finder for even more free UK charity training.

Search Online for Free Charity Training Courses & Webinars

Use the Help Finder search category for Learning & Development to find 100+ charity training opportunities and courses.  You can also use it to find company donations (Donations - Funding category) or Funding Finder, to find a huge range of grants.  Plus all our other services making us a free one-stop-shop for anything a non profit needs.

Find Funding, Free Help & Resources - Everything Is Free.

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We provide weekly free Charity Excellence webinars and online training for charities at 10am on a Thursday.  There is no booking.  You simply create an appointment in your calendar and join us for the webinar by clicking the virtual meeting room link.

Fundraising Training Webinars

  • Creating a fundraising strategy – you don’t need to pay a consultant to create your fundraising strategy because the important stuff is what you know. What a strategy is and how to do it yourself in simple steps to improve your fundraising and grow income streams.  It's available as a video (42 mins) on our You Tube Channel.  Download the supporting toolkit from the Income questionnaire.
  • 4 Steps to Funding Success – the key areas you need to understand and apply to be successful in trust funding bids, including how to ensure the best possible case, write bids more quickly and how to use the free AI bid writer to write bids for you.  It's available as a video (29 mins) on our You Tube Channel.
  • How to Find New Funders – the fundraising outlook, diversifying income, how to choose the best grants directories and lots of ways to find new funders, including Charity Excellence tips & tricks and those used by the professionals.  It's available as a video (34 mins) on our You Tube Channel.
  • How to Use Chat GPT to Find Funding.  Kate Hillier Chat GPT toolkit to find grant funding and celebrities who might support your causes.  You can find the toolkit here and Kate's also made a short 5 min demo video.

Charity AI Training Webinars

  • Thursday 6 June @ 10am; An Introduction to AI – What the new generative AI is, the key risks, how to manage these and also how to exploit the opportunities, and what AI can and cannot do.  You don’t need to know anything about AI or tech.  It's also available as a video (35 mins) on our You Tube Channel.
  • Thursday 13 June @ 10am; How Anyone Can Use Chat GPT - what it is, what it can and cannot do, how it can be used to help charities and how anyone can begin using it immediately. You don’t need to know anything about AI or tech but by the end of the webinar you’ll be able to start using it immediately.  It's available as a video (29 Mins) on our You Tube Channel.
  • Thursday 20 June @ 10am; AI and the Future of the Charity Sector. What that might look like, including the changing world of work, new jobs, and the skills needed, as well as digital moats, AI roadkill, holistic impact & digital super exclusion. It's available as a video (39 mins) on our You Tube Channel.
  • Chat Bots - The Future for Charities? One area we think AI will become standard for almost all charities is the use of AI bots.  This webinar will explain what a bot is, how it works, how it can help your charity and where you can get one.

Charity Excellence Training Webinar

  • Thursday 30 May - Getting The Most From The CEF – the CEF is a completely free one-stop-shop for anything a charity needs. This webinar shows you how each of the 11 CEF systems can be used to help you, with tips and tricks on how to get the most from it – almost all of its systems support fundraising, including writing funding bids for you, there are 100s of downloads and the AI bunnies can answer almost any question on running a charity 24/7.

Charity Trustee Governance Training

  • Governance made simple - there’s a huge amount written about this but there isn’t even an agreed definition of what charity governance is. The key is to understand and apply the fundamentals. Ian has filled various chair and CEO appointments over the last 25 years and he built the Charity Excellence governance assessment system.  This webinar shows you what you need to know and do to apply that successfully.  It's available as a video (42 mins) on our You Tube Channel.
  • How to Run Meetings Effectively. The costs and benefits, how to prepare, the chair’s role, everyone’s responsibilities and what to do after your meeting.  It's available as a video (42 mins) on our You Tube Channel.

Other Charity Training Webinars

  • Charity Tax Reliefs. We fail to claim £600m pa in Gift Aid alone, it’s just one of many tax reliefs, you can claim up to 4 years retrospectively and, if you’re eligible, it’s guaranteed pretty much core income.  The most important boring webinar ever.
  • How to Manage Risk. The basics of managing risk explained simply: strategic v operational, the risk management cycle, assessing risk, managing risk, appetite versus tolerance, other factors to think about and the board’s role.
  • Risk Appetite. How to actively take risk to deliver strategic impact, known knowns, known unknowns, black swans and Plato’s cave.
  • How to Choose the Right Non-profit Structure. Types of non-profit, questions to ask yourself, how to set up a CIC, how to set up a charity, the differ types of charity and how to decide which would be best for you.   
  • How to Create Vision & Mission Statements. How to create your vision and mission statements without paying a consultant or having an argument.  What these are, the difference between them, how to use them and a simple process for creating yours.
  • How to Maximise Impact. An introduction to charity impact – what it is, outputs and outcomes, why it’s much more difficult than private sector impact reporting and clarity on the need, what we do and the difference we make.

Charity Excellence Trainer

Ian McLintock is the founder of Charity Excellence.  He's been a volunteer for 45 years and has worked at senior management level for 25, including numerous chair and CEO roles.  His experience ranges from turning round toxic multi-million pound charities in serious financial distress to helping to train leadership coaches and facilitate strategic leadership programmes, which were a lot more fun.  For those that value them, he holds a master’s degree in corporate management, as well as professional qualifications in finance & accounting and fundraising.


HR Livery Company Webinars

Our friends at the HR Livery Company are back with their 2024 webinar series, starting on Friday 26 Apr, 1pm to 2pm, with “Recruitment in a Tough Market – a Masterclass”.  They will be holding 3 further HR webinars this year.

ICAEW Free Charity Webinars - Finance Training

Join the ICAEW Charity Community for free to get free access to this and other finance webinars. Once you have joined the Charity Community, you can register for any webinar free of charge.

  • 22 May - Leading good board conversations about finance.  This ICAEW webinar is for anyone who regularly presents financial items at charity board meetings. It will help you think about not just how you present financial information, but how you lead and facilitate effective two-way conversations in order to support good decision making, including during periods of change where good board conversations become even more important.  Register for the free webinar here.

ICAEW Charity Trustee Training Courses

You can also access their free online charity trustee training modules.

Doing Good Things - Business Donations

Join Good Things CIC at 12pm on 4 June to explore innovative and practical ways for businesses of all sizes to contribute to local charities, with a special emphasis on donating 'things'. Our discussion will unravel the real needs of local charities, dispel myths, challenge traditions, and provide clarity on how your business can offer the most value.  Book your ticket here.

Getting on Board Free Charity Trustee Training

Getting on Board's free Trustee Programme is a series of online, one-hour, high quality webinars and panel debates. All welcome - trustees, aspiring trustees, people working with trustees, those curious about trusteeship. Book your place here.

Trustee appraisals: different approaches Wednesday 8th May 12:00
How trustees can support fundraising of their charity Thursday 9th May 16:30
What is a trustee? Monday 13th May 18:00
How can member orgs represent their members? Tuesday 14th May 12:00
The Onboarding Wednesday 15th May 17:30
How to diversify your board Thursday 16th May 12:00
Making an impact as a trustee Tuesday 21st May 17:00
Help! We need new trustees Wednesday 22nd May 16:30
To infinity and beyond Thursday 23rd May 17:00
What is a trustee? Monday 3rd June 18:00
Board Diversity Clinic Tuesday 4th June 11:00
What can trustees do about climate change? Wednesday 5th June 16:30
Fundraising In-tray Tuesday 11th June 16:30
The Onboarding Wednesday 12th June 17:30
Responsible investment Thursday 13th June 12:00
First impressions: getting application ready Thursday 13th June 17:30
Recruitment In-tray Tuesday 18th June 12:00
Organisations in crisis: the role of trustees Wednesday 19th June 16:30
What questions should trustees ask about a charity’s finances? Wednesday 26th June 17:00
What is a trustee? Monday 1st July 18:00
A risky business: a guide to risk taking for trustees Wednesday 3rd July 16:30
The blurred line in small-med orgs Tuesday 9th July 17:00
To infinity and beyond Thursday 11th July 17:00
How to get rid of trustees Wednesday 17th July 16:30
Beyond the role description Tuesday 23rd July 18:00

Plus they have a regular series which includes:

  • What is a Trustee and how do I become one
  • How to diversify your charity board
  • The Onboarding: induction training for newly appointed Trustees
  • Help! We need new trustees
  • No more Charity Governance please! Beyond the trustee's role description
  • To infinity and beyond; an introduction to charity finance for trustees
  • Board diversity clinic

Book your place here.

More Free Charity Training Courses

Have a look at our resources for free charity training courses, with links to a huge range of free training and including top tips and ideas on how to develop your people at low/no cost and with limited time.  And we also have our fundraising training course resource, which has links to providers and lots of ideas to help you with your fundraising.

Charity Video Content Training Webinar

The Saltways hold a free monthly workshop called 'How to create effective video content using your phone.'

Charity Energy Efficiency And Management Workshops

Energy Volunteers CIC provides free webinars on energy efficiency and management for small and medium charities, suitable for Facility Managers, Operations Managers, Finance Managers/Accountants, Finance Managers, Executive directors and charity leaders.

Charity Commission Trustee Training 5 Minute Guides

The Charity Commission has a series of 5 minute guides for trustees including purpose, finances, conflicts of interest, decision making, reporting, safeguarding and political campaigning.

And There's Lots More........

Plus, 100+downloadable funder lists, 40+ policies, 8 online health checks and the huge resource base.

Quick, simple and very effective.

Find Funding, Free Help & Resources - Everything Is Free.

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To access help and resources on anything to do with running a charity, including funding, click the AI Bunny icon in the bottom right of your screen and ask it short questions, including key words.  Register, then login and the in-system AI Bunny is able to write funding bids and download 40+ charity policy templates as well.

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We are very grateful to the organisations below for the funding and pro bono support they generously provide.

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