Charitable Grants For UK Charities & Funding For Small Charities

Grants for UK charities - 12 online lists of charitable grants including for small charities and capital funding

Charitable Trust Funding Grants For UK Charities

You can access 100+ free lists of charitable trusts and foundations that make grants for UK charities and the Funding Finder grant directory by registering with Charity Excellence; everything is free.  However, below are extracts from 12 lists of grant funding for charities, including Core and Capital funding and grants for Small UK Charities.

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Grants For Small UK Charities

This charitable trust and foundation funding list is grants for small UK charities and community groups, including unregistered charities.

 Grant For Charities - Core Cost Funding

A UK charitable trust and foundation funding list for UK charity core costs, including unrestricted grants for salaries, wages and running costs.

Newly Registered UK Grant Making Trusts & Foundations

A list of new UK charitable grant making trusts and foundations that many haven't heard about yet.

Grants For UK Churches

Sources of project and capital and grant funding for UK church projects & buildings (repairs, capital, construction, renovation and restoration), as well as black churches.  Funding Finder has both Faith and Capital grant funding search categories.

Grant Funding For Tech And Free Laptops & Software

Sources of free charity laptops and computers, IT support, grant funding for tech, plus sources of free software, including CRM and website hosting

Grants For Charities - Funding For Mental Health & Wellbeing Projects

A UK trust and foundation grant funding list for charity mental health & wellbeing projects, including for loneliness and social isolation, with categories for core funding, young people, older people, small grants and small charities, women, England and churches & faith groups.

Grants For Charity & Community Arts Projects

UK charitable trust and foundation grant funding for charity and community group arts projects - general funding, including the Arts Council, performing arts, music, theatre, young people and minority communities.

Charitable Grants For Disability Charities And Projects

A list of trust and foundation grant funding for disability charities and community projects, including for adults and young people, physical & learning disability, and equipment, such as wheelchairs and other disability aids.

Grants For Animal Charities & Funding For Wildlife Conservation

Grant funding for animals and wildlife conservation, including animal welfare, rescue, sanctuaries, shelters and rehoming, dogs and equines.

Charitable Grants For NGOs, Including Africa & Asia

Charitable trusts and foundations for international development NGOs, including charitable funders for non profit projects in Africa.

Sources of charity trust and foundation grant funding for NGOs in Asia, including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Charitable Trusts And Foundations - Crisis Grant Funding

A list of cost of living crisis grant funding provided by UK charitable trusts and foundations and other help for charities, community groups and individuals, including charitable funders for energy bills and food.

Grant Funding And Support To Help Ukraine

I've created this resource to try and help in some small way. It includes a list of UK charity grant funding for the Ukraine, a link to charities you can donate to, resources for those creating a fundraising appeal and a source of pro bono security advice for those who are working in the Ukraine.

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