Index Of Fundraising Resources And Help - Strategy And Planning Templates, Free Training, Policy And Toolkits

This is the fundraising index from the Resource Hub. It includes planning and fundraising strategy templates, free training courses, policy, reporting, bid writing, events and more. Help, guides, checklists and toolkits that anyone is able to use.

Index Of Charity Fundraising Resources And Help

This is the fundraising index of the Resource Hub.  It includes charity fundraising strategy and planning templates, grant funding lists, policy, bid writing and fundraising letters, social media fundraising and donation websites to help you.  

However, the Resource Hub is just my own work, whereas the Charity Excellence information hub taps into the huge collective expertise of the whole sector and its Funding Finder database gives you access to a huge range of grant funding; everything is free. 

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Fundraising Strategy Template

A simple to use charity fundraising strategy template that gives you a simple 4 step process and examples to create your fundraising strategic plan that anyone can use.

Fundraising Planning Templates

With fundraising challenging we need to get the most from the management of each project, activity or fundraising event and to maximise the success of our funding bids. This 3 step checklist gives you a simple process to evaluate and compare charity project and event proposals.

Organising a charity fundraising event should be fun, but it needs to be done well to work well. This is a event planning checklist and ideas to make yours a success, whether it's a large charity gala dinner to local community sponsored walk.


Charity Grant Funding Lists

Use this link to access the online lists of funders, but there are 50+ larger lists within the system and you can also use the Funding Finder database to find far more charity grant funding.

Fundraising is incredibly tough, so here are 20+ ways to find new charity income and grant funding sources.

Free Fundraising Training Courses

You can pay a lot of money for fundraising training courses, but there is lots of free online training available for everyone. This guide has courses covering skills development and refresher training, as well as basic 101 introduction courses on how to fundraise.

Writing Fundraising Bids And Letters

The basics of how to write great charity grant funding applications and letters in 4 simple steps. The key to a compelling fundraising proposal or bid. And why writing a case for support will make your applications even more successful and less work.

Writing a really effective charity fundraising case for support really matters for grant funding applications and proposal letters. Writing multiple grant applications for your project proposals, is very time consuming and less effective. Use this simple template as an example to ensure you submit the very best fundraising bid every time.

A guide on how to find, engage and succeed with a fundraising freelance bid writer.  

Fundraising Policy

A charity due diligence template for checks on donations, new fundraising donors, partners contractors or others to help ensure problems will not arise in working with them and comply with donor rules & regulations, such as gift acceptance & refusal, ethical fundraising policies and 'know your donor'. 

Fundraising Campaigns

Christmas fundraising ideas and tips for charities, to use in your Xmas appeals, festive campaigns and events. With links to dozens more, plus resources and people who will help you for free.

During Ramadan 2022, UK Muslim charity giving of zakat donations is likely to exceed £150m+. This resource explains what and when Ramadan is, the importance of charity giving in Islam, particularly zakat, who and where our UK Muslim community are.

Fundraising Reporting And Budgeting

We need effective fundraising reporting but writing reports is often very time consuming and all too often these are not acted upon, or sometimes even read. Here are 12 ways in which to ensure that your reports are effective and have impact and take less time to write.

A practical step-by-step guide to impact reporting for charities. The real value in having an impact report, what impact is, measurement, evaluation, what to include, how to make impact reports really effective and how to create and publish a great charity impact report. Not least for your funders. This resource provides a simple example template that anyone can use.

Creating a charity budget and forecasting fundraising income is notoriously difficult. This guide provides budgeting worked examples, templates and a range of practical techniques you can use to create your budget and income projections

Digital & Social Media Fundraising

How to fundraise for your charity using Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.


100+ Donation Web Sites And Fundraising Platforms

Links to 100+ charity donation websites and online fundraising platforms, sorted by category, and with advice on how to choose the best for your charity. Donation platforms, volunteers, business support, shopping, micro donations, auction, buy/sell, contactless, events, recycling, cards and vouchers, crowd funding and more

Trustee Fundraising Made Easy

A resource that enables charity trustees to understand the Fundraising Regulator and Charity Commission CC20 regulations and guidance on fundraising and donations, as well as other laws, legislation and regulations. The 2nd gives them 20 ways in which they can become actively involved in doing so and enjoy themselves.

Many charity trustees find fundraising a challenge and others are simply not able to make a significant financial donation. However, there are lots of opportunities for them to support your work, many that are easy and anyone can do. Here are 20+ ideas that I've used. 

Donor Management

Fundraising donor management includes engagement, stewardship, acknowledgement & recognition and may seem a black art. However, it isn't, we all do it and doing it well is a huge opportunity to increase your funding. It can range from the application of sophisticated techniques, through to simply doing a donation thank you letter well. 

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